Sunday Musings on Time Travel

I just started reading Outlander 7, “An Echo in the Bone”. I settle in for Outlander with an intent of comfortable escapism to unwind from my week, as I do for most of my Sundays these days…in my big recliner with a huge cup of tea, and my dog sleeping next to me. I CRAVE being “inside” those books, actually. So hard to put down and be away from. I take my Kindle everywhere…


By book 7, the characters feel like family. I know that sounds a little wacky, but it is true. I am a bit wacky, so for me, it is normal. 😛  It is like I stepped through the stones myself in a way. I feel like I am right there watching everything, but like Samantha does on ‘Bewitched’, when she wants to observe without being seen. Just sitting above what is going on, completely invisible. So, anyway… I got to thinking about time travel, like I often do, and wondering….

If you were to go back into time 200 years…and even though you could return back to the present time…decided to stay in the past time and live out your life(without interfering with things such as meeting any ancestors, etc.)…And if it was totally separate from anything that could complicate your being born in the future (assuming that your just being there didn’t alter the space time continuum in the process)…. would you still be born into your future time? Having essentially lived nearly a whole life 200 years earlier? Would you be born “yourself” and grow up to be the person you were past the point where you stepped through the time portal? Or would you repeat that, as though it was destiny…over and over again? Only live in your present time until you went back? Living each separate life over and over? Or different yet…if you lived in your present life until you stepped back into time, would the past life be the same over and over, or would you know things to thus alter it, after having already experienced it already?

Chew on a licorice stick, and muse on that mind bender for a while! 😉 hahahaha!

A documentary on the subject of time travel…not related to the book…but fascinating….always, infinitely, to the end of time and space… fascinating. 🙂

Love it. Love it. Love it.