Thor Behind The Door

Posters were on sale at the craft store today. I am a bit superhero obsessed. 😛 I think it is fabulous that there are so many movies about them these days! My fave is Thor. (Is it suddenly hot in here? Whew! lol) I feel like such a teenage girl doing it, but the Thor 2 poster is now hanging behind the door in my Art Cave. My boys rolled their eyes at me. “What?”, I say to them.  It rocks. 😉 heh.


Must put the trailer in too…you know…to “illustrate” this story further. And maybe for me to look at….kinda…um….daily.  LOL!

I liked Thor 2 because it was more sci fi than the other superhero movies…well, “Man of Steel” was also pretty cool…for the same reasons *whistles innocently*(hmmm…may need that poster too, and perhaps write story like this one). 😛

I like the portals to other realms idea…among other things. My boys actually do think I rock for loving all things Superhero, Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings….now that they are a bit older, we can go see the movies in the theatre together, in 3D for that matter, and then babble on about them afterwards. Nice bonding moments. So awesome! 😀