Just Sitting Here Chewing On a Stick

Ok…it is technically a root, but it looks like a stick. It is a licorice root, and they are a kind of tasty, if weird, thing to chew on. Here is a brief article I found about them…


I just felt somewhat odd sitting here, reading, and chewing on a stick, so, of course, I HAVE to write about it! ‘Tis one of my many fascinating experiences, after all! 😛 I am not eating it for any of the aforementioned(in the article) benefits, but just because hubby happened to buy some, and they were there, looking all intriguing, and such. If they help the inflammation I usually have in my stupid old knee joint, then WONDERFUL! BONUS!

Plus, I remembered when I used to have them as a kid. Back then I picked it up at an old-fashioned candy store at a historical park. It is just a bizarre thing to do, really, but also kind of calming, and satisfying. 🙂

I wonder if Hobbits like them? Looks like something a Hobbit might chew on. lol



Rambly Randomness

When I have writer’s block, like I do most of the time now, at least poetry wise, for the last couple of YEARS :-?, sometimes I will do a little exercise I call Rambly Randomness. It is basically just writing random thoughts, for one minute, in no particular coherent order. It sort of feels like unplugging a stopped up drain. It doesn’t always work for getting the poetry to flow again, but is cathartic nonetheless…kind of like starting this blog again, just to muse about whatever. Looky at that, ^^^^, I got a whole paragraph written just to describe the bizarro post to come…. hahaha

Anyway… here goes (I type fast, so it will be longish)…..

I think, sometimes, I kind of like being a hermit. I am calmer of mind when I am alone, or with just my family. I find being around people too much can be very exasperating. That fire in the fireplace is making the room a bit warmish. It is also getting quite dark in here. I kind of feel like watching sci-fi. I wish I had a blue lightsabre. I would be afraid of accidentally cutting things off tho. I simultaneously love and hate the instant spell check. I will spell sabre the “non-American” way if I want to. Yes, I am quite the Canadian word rebel. 😛 The chai tea I just had was good. Too many calories, but good. Started out the day feeling crappy, and am now getting my groove back a bit. I think smiles are catchy. My kids are so sweet, and cute. So is my dog with her new haircut.

Nature is still using her whiteout stick. No apparent end in sight. I wrote about that already today, so moving along…. Listened to a lot of music on UToobe today. Full albums are abound there. It is awesome!  I want to hear the entire Zeppelin catalog now for some inexplicable reason. :P. I do love to ramble on…. 😉

I should get off my a$$ and do something productive tomorrow. I don’t really want to. My laundry needs doing, badly. My shoulder has a knot in it.  My bird is flying around her cage spraying bits of feather and food all over. The dog thinks she is interesting. My foot is falling asleep. I wish the days were longer. I have so much to do, and not enough time to ever get to it all. I need to organize my photos. There are thousands. It is a massive undertaking, so I tend to procrastinate. 

I love the song my iTunes is playing right now. The big quilt I did in 2005 looks lovely, hanging on the big wall.  It is REALLY warm in here. I should shut the fire off. I wonder if this exercise has any merit to helping me unblock? My plant needs water. My kids are getting so big. I can’t believe how much they eat!! I love reading Outlander 6, and have been doing just that a lot this evening. I put it down to come here for a minute. I would rather read than watch TV. I am sick of Pawn Stars, and wish The History Channel would run a good doc once in a while instead. I would watch it more, if so.

I had a really good homemade cheeseburger for dinner tonight. I am missing Outlander already…



Bates Motel

I often watch Netflix when I am making stuff. I like TV series especially, and today noticed “Bates Motel” in my list, so I thought I would give it a go. I always thought Vera Farmiga was a good actress, so it has that going for it. It definitely has that spooky vibe, and reminds me of watching “The 4400” or something. Always a creepy undercurrent going on with people, so you just never know what they are exactly thinking, or up to. Very watchable, and ok…I am finding myself wanting to binge on Season 1. Much like I did with The 4400, Fringe, Lost, etc. Just one more episode, just one more episode, ok, after this next episode I will shut it off for the day. Two days later, or three weeks(depending on the length of the series or what is available), what happened? Where am I? 😛 hahahaha!