The Thrill of Living


If ever we were to come upon

The saltiness of the day

Were we to sit alone and gaze helplessly,

Or dance cartwheels amongst the flowers

That perfume with nectarean moments?

In our innocence and haze

Time does stretch, and moves upon

Our thoughts and imaginations

Sparkling like tiny diamonds

Amidst the blackest of coal hours…

Turning against the tide of loneliness

We seek out a reverence

In moving admirations

And seasoned sonnets…

Filled with descriptions

Of rhythm and measure, everlasting

The wheels do spin a time or two

Upon this rocky path

Perseverance, it pays an endless sum,

Adding to the treasure within our hearts

As we stare and breathe, and act upon

Great desires and longings

For the pleasure it creates

In the rise and fall

Of months never wasted

Is the thrill of living….

©WD(sapphyreskye) July 2011



The Wanderer

My muse awakens…. 🙂


The road stretches forward through the hazy day. The dusty rose and golden sky a backdrop for the hundreds of pink and white trees surrounding, and lining the pathway before me. A dream, hence, but is it? A present in an unknown realm? Past converging on an origin point in my own Universe of imagination…or a memory? I wander upon the heavily trodden dirt path, which weaves through a grassy meadow. The grass…a subdued green, a green of vintage photographs…is short and soft, and inviting for me to sit upon, and rest, while the journey of unknown experiences awaits in either direction. Birds melodically sing, and a soft, warm breeze ruffles my hair, and caresses my skin. The air is sweetly scented, heady and pleasant. Fluffy white clouds float lazily by… shapes created out of mythical imagination…setting the scene of dreamy surrealism. I walk for miles, but the road does not end. The atmosphere does not change. The treed scene envelops me, and beckons to me to return night after night. Draws me into that world…is it the gateway which leads to all my other places in dreamland? They feel so similar, though time seems different. Where is this place? When is this time? Why is it so familiar, even though it is not? Time shifts, worlds move in unison, as well as independently. I am a wanderer, but I belong here….

©WD(sapphyreskye) March 31, 2014


Darkish Poetry Fun

Whilst surfing for quotes and such, on this fine, gray, foggy, frosty and spookyish “Spring” morning….I came upon this fun site…
and thusly wrote this darkly wonderful vampirish poem.
A “cheat poem” maybe, since it is sort of generated with multiple choice, but never the less, it inspires me to sharpen my wordsmith stakes…umm…I mean, skills. heh.
hint: *read with intense, and sinister dramatic voice*….


It is a night of subtlety, a song of ethereal pain,
wolves vent their loneliness. The beautiful one

Curling, icy wisps of death shroud her brooding form,
a timeless dread.

Her silken hair cascades over
translucent ivory shoulders, and her
full scarlet lips part slightly, to taste the
life streaming from the
pale flesh beneath

Now a night of shared vitality,
I awaken.




Seems to be parallel universe day in my mind today. Well, not really surprising since I do happen to think about them quite a bit. I also love movies and books that have to do with the subject. They intrigue me. I wonder sometimes if dreams are a window of sorts into seeing them….hmmmm. Food for thought.

I had a dream once, about one of the houses we used to live in. There were two of me. I watched “her” through a window. I couldn’t leave back to my own Universe. I was misplaced. I was trapped. It was freaky. It was a very Twilight Zone-ish dream. I wrote a poem about it the next morning….


Wandering, but not really lost…
Lost, but things are familiar…
Misplaced was I.
Wondering what I should do…
The house was the same.
The street the same, too, but also not in little ways…
We had never moved from that house.
I live in it, and all is well.
I could not enter.
I don’t live there.
I wandered…
wondering what I should do now.
How to get back?
Where did the portal go?
The one hurtling me into this familiar,
but other, Universe…
There can’t be two of us, and I am lost…
Endlessly wandering in this familiar,
but unfamiliar, plane of existence.
Not fitting anywhere here.
And I am trapped…

©WD(sapphyreskye) March 2013