Riding My Rocket

I love my dirt bike! Now that I know what I am doing, and can ride nearly every kind of terrain on it, it is more fun than stressful. I’m no daredevil however. I do have some sense! 😛 Once in a while my 12 year old has to come to my rescue if I am not comfortable with a spot on the trail, like huge deep puddles where the only way around is through a narrow channel of deep mud, or through the puddle while hoping it isn’t soft on the bottom! Or giant hills with lots of rocks, or channels…up or down them. Meh. I have no shame in asking for his assistance. Ok…it is a wee bit embarrassing…but I am a big chicken about pain! hahaha He has no fear, and is a chivalrous sort. ❤ 🙂
I love the straight & flat-ish areas for fulfilling my need for speed…woo hoooo! :D, and I like the challenge of the trails through the trees with their dips, puddles, and small hills, which are a rush all their own, and give me a feeling of accomplishment when I dare to do them, and succeed. Getting muddy is half the fun too! I always still have the cleanest bike of the bunch, though. Which they delight in telling me so. Little smarty pants dirt monkeys! lol

IMG_20150913_104925 IMG_20150913_111731
I never thought I would love doing it as much as it turns out that I do! Can’t wait to go again….

IMG_20150913_111750 IMG_20150830_163851