Canadiana Lane

After looking for the vids for my concert post, I of course stumbled across a million more songs in the suggestions bar at UToobe, and so, I AM COMPELLED because of my musical obsessions (hahaha) to listen, and take that memory lane walk….walking down the Canadian musical memory lane scene, circa the 80s/90s….good memories…. 🙂

Oh, and I’m sharing one. Because it grooves me right now, and because I can’t seem to help myself! Plus, Canadian chicks know how to rock! ;D

Alannah Myles…



I Went To A Concert in 1983

Feeling nostalgic tonight. I get that way sometimes.

A concert in November 1983….

…from the perspective of a 17 year old girl crazy for music and musicians….

Drive to the city on the day the tickets are put up for sale. Have to get there early, because it tends to sell out. Alright! Tenth or so in line. Wait, wait, wait… 2 or 3 hours, sometimes in the cold wind. So worth it, though. Buy the tickets… which were around $25 at the time. Festival seating…

Day of the show…
Arrive 3 hours early because we NEEED to be in the front row. Tickets in hand, ready… Finally, the doors are cautiously opened and there is a mad rush of teenage girl hormones racing to be first. Run! Don’t trip down those stairs from the arena seating to the main floor… Run like never before, rush past that skanky looking thing in the 3 inch heels… what was she thinking? 😛

Yay! Made it! Front row… Crushed against the stage, because there was no barrier back then, when he was still new on the scene. The stage touched the crowd. Oh, it hurts, as the surge continues behind us. But we don’t care. The adrenalin stops us from caring that our ribs are being crushed! lol

The lights finally go down. There is a huge tide of screaming… swooning. It is only the opening act, but the excitement is tangible. On go the stage lights as they take the stage already playing one of her hits. (It was Luba). The roar is deafening. So close are we that we have to crane our necks to look up at them. Guitar man right there… inches away… mesmerizing me with his fingers….

Opening act finishes to rowdy applause and the lights go up… Time to breathe. Or can we… amidst the pot smoke…. lol! Apply fresh lipstick, fluff the feathered back hair… have to look great because he will be out soon, and see US…

Already hoarse from screaming, the lights go down again. We find our voices and scream some more. Here he comes. We have waited months for this moment. Soon he will be inches away from us. In person, larger than life, in the flesh… and making us swoon with that raspy voice of his.

Disc camera at the ready, but some wench next to me has her hands all waving in front of my shot. I nudge her. She scowls at me, but moves.
Bryan takes the stage finally… we are giddy with delight and admiration. The cassette tape we played until it wore out and I had to buy a new one, is about to come to life. Our favorite songs…. the soundtrack of our teenagehood. Right there, in living technicolor and dazzling live sound. Scents of pot, dozens of perfumes mingling together, and his musky sweat are heady. We look up in awe at this man who dazzles us with his music. Who speaks to us through it….

I snap some pics. No digital camera, so I can make sure I get the shot. Just have to hope for the best. Soon he is coming towards us, mid song, hand out to touch us. He touches most of them lightly, as he goes by, but mine he grabs and holds on to for a few moments. I think… I will never wash it again! lol He lets go, and I am lost…. drunk on the music, high on it (well the heavy pot smoke probably helped lol!), high on this person who has mesmerized me and has just made my year by grabbing my hand. It was soft and nice, btw! *grin*

He towels his forehead off and tosses the towel. We reach for it… I got it!! But so does hand waving chick. Damn. We negotiate for it and finally come to a deal about ripping it in half. Yay! Bryan’s sweaty towel! A treasure! (still have it, btw, in the same baggy I put it in way back in ’83…. ewwwwah! Not opening that! LOL!)
Another treasure is a broken drumstick the drummer threw out. Lucky this night, am I!

Finally over, after two encores, everyone files out nicely, but excitedly chattering to each other. Quite the switch from the mad rush at the start. Sweaty, and spent, we talk animatedly about how wonderful it was. Swoon at how cute he was in person. Gush at seeing him so close up, and that hand grab….. oh my…

Driving home, we proceed to try and wear out the second cassette tape….
It was a magical night 🙂

*did it all over again in ’85 and got some great pics from that one too* 🙂