Singing of Ice & Fire

Finished Game of Thrones (#1) this morning. Only because it was after midnight last night, with still 50 pages to go. One of many late, late nights I have had lately because I. could. not. put. the. thing. down! Until I really just had to go to sleep, that is. ha.

I speculated in an earlier post, on if this series would hook me. Oh boy. Did it ever! I haven’t read any of the other books I have on the go, for weeks now. Not even the newest Stephen King, and that is weird for me!

I thought about it when I didn’t have time to read, I read it in the bathtub, I read it waiting in line at Wallymart, and waiting rooms, and anytime I had to wait. I read it on long car trips, and short car trips, I read it with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I read it in the evening after supper, until extremely late.  I even read it instead of painting, sometimes, which was, if I needed no other, a clear indication that I was lost in the vortex of that book, and would be until I read the very last one! And reading the thing before going to sleep…..well….interesting dreams to be had there. Bizarro ones with dragons, sometimes, even though….well, I won’t spoil it for those who have been in the same cave I was in, and haven’t read/seen it. 😛

Shocking at times. Riveting always. Full of vivid imagery, some not that pleasant, but no worse than reading Stephen King, really. 😛 I love using my imagination, and this book exercised it vigorously! Best book I have read since the Outlander series, and reminiscent of it, in certain ways, like the rich detail, the characterization, and the bazillion pages long sweeping saga, epic tomes. A monster read that never got boring. And I am sure the next ones will deliver more of the same…yay! I love a good long book. Especially one that has a follow up, and another follow up, and another……    One that can draw you in on page one, and not let go until the very end, and then, only long enough for you to pick up the next monumental read in the series, because you just. can’t. stop! One that can make you feel like you are there, and watching everything unfold, instead of just reading it. Although mostly, it is good to be invisible in that world! ack! One that is so compelling, that you find yourself talking to the characters out loud, and speculating on their decisions and fates out loud, also, drawing looks from your family like you are going nutty. lol

Anyway, yeah….I kind of loved it, a wee bit, :P, and dove into “A Clash of Kings” immediately after finishing it, because I just happened to have it lying around waiting for me, after picking it up for a QUARTER at the library sale table! woot! And there will be dragons! Maybe, that is. *whistles and looks skyward* Did I write that out loud? heh. I better stop now, before I go into nerdy girl spasms of excitement. bahahaha!