The Master At Work…

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Page, who turned 73(!!!!) today!

In his honour, “I’d Like To Introduce Led Zeppelin To Ya”. 😀

The master at work….


Rockin’ Canadian Style

Three newer bands from Canada that rock it out of the park! Love, Love, LOVE all the newer bands rockin’ it old school! And of course, Canada is a gold mine for them. 😉

yeah…been cruisin’ ye olde UToobe side bar again. lol

Bates Motel

I often watch Netflix when I am making stuff. I like TV series especially, and today noticed “Bates Motel” in my list, so I thought I would give it a go. I always thought Vera Farmiga was a good actress, so it has that going for it. It definitely has that spooky vibe, and reminds me of watching “The 4400” or something. Always a creepy undercurrent going on with people, so you just never know what they are exactly thinking, or up to. Very watchable, and ok…I am finding myself wanting to binge on Season 1. Much like I did with The 4400, Fringe, Lost, etc. Just one more episode, just one more episode, ok, after this next episode I will shut it off for the day. Two days later, or three weeks(depending on the length of the series or what is available), what happened? Where am I? 😛 hahahaha!