The Book Was Better

My oldest just did something that compelled me to tell him he is amazing!

He turned the TV off, and sat down with his book! He is reading a series of 12, is currently on book 4, and can’t put the thing down. Does a Kindle Paperwhite count as an electronic device? Of course it does, but there is no Internet access on it (because I used my parental control authority so he couldn’t buy anything unauthorized, etc.)…other than it might search its built-in dictionary for a word….and it contains a whole lot of cool books. The books are downloaded instantly from Amazon, so there is no lag time for him between the series titles, and usually the books I get for him cost under $5 each. Some were even free! I bought it hoping it would spark his interest in reading, since it is “techie”. And it did. When he saw mine, just before Christmas, he told me he would love to have one because it was cool. It is “front lit” so he can read it whenever and wherever, without eye strain. I even bought a “skin” for it, that features a fire-breathing dragon, which he loves. That thing was the best money I ever spent on a gift for my kid!

*does motherly happy dance*! 😀