good reads

I am a compulsive reader. Have been ever since I learned how to read. Always a book in hand…and usually more than one or two on the go at once.

I have recently discovered that I love Joe Hill! Having been apparently living in a cave for a few years, I had no idea he was Stephen King’s son, until….after reading a short story of which the two collaborated, and looking up info on the author I didn’t know of…I, lo and behold found out the truth. Having devoured all the short story collaborations with his Dad, I decided to purchase his first novel on my Kindle(love the instant book gratification that thing gives me!) which was “Heart Shaped Box”. Read it in 3 days! Three days of no sleep, and barely doing anything else! hahaha! On to more with NOS4A2, which was a hefty(not so on the Kindle though, ha!) 700 some pages, it was another reading marathon. I took it everywhere. I read it in nearly every spare moment I could find…in waiting rooms, in long line ups, until the wee hours. I could NOT put that thing down! Then Horns….same thing. For a good part of February, Joe owned my brain!

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Now, if you are not a fan of Stephen King, and not a fan of horror(yes, they do get a wee bit gruesome in parts), easily offended at some occasional colourful language, you probably won’t care for his stories. He is very much a chip off the old block. His imagination seems boundless, and his writing style and ability is amazing! Now, having read everything he ever put out, with the exception of his graphic novel series(need to buy the real thing for those…I do own one, however, but it is kind of annoying reading them on a Kindle), I am trying to wait patiently for his next novel…Hurry up, Joe! lol

In the meantime, Diana Gabaldon has me thoroughly entertained with book 6 of her Outlander series…also ALL on an e-reader, btw, because of their heft(my Sony…although I think I prefer my new Kindle for reasons I may go into in another post. lol). Those books, while also being hard to put down, are more like a wonderful, languid vacation. Highly readable, and full of vivid detail, they move along like the epics they are, and you find yourself lost in that world…completely immersed…and savouring every word. I must admit, that I don’t exactly speed through her books, and not because they are boring in any way….I just like to draw them out as long as possible! lol They are my go to books when I really need some relaxation, and to settle my mind. I always have a hard time putting into words exactly how they are for me, but it feels like returning home, in a way, when I visit them…comfortable, and so nice to curl up with on a comfy chair with a large mug of tea. Now being only on book 6, I still have book 7 and now, I found out, book 8 which is due out in June. YAY! All wonderfully, and epically long, like the others. Perfect news for my continuing Outlander addiction…. 🙂


Anyhow… having rambled on for… ACK!… 531 words already… I think it’s time for lunch.

I better post this before I start on about food. 😛