Game of Thrones Lite

While patiently (or not so!!) waiting for book 6 in the “A Song of Ice & Fire” series to EVER come out, I finally caught the first episode of the Game of Thrones TV series. I had been waiting until I read them all, then I was waiting until I had money to buy season one on DVD(which seemed to be never), and then it finally aired on regular TV. Now, I am EXTREMELY glad I did not lay down the money for it! One episode was enough for me. I was sooooo curious, as of course it gets rave reviews, and everyone sings its praises, but I was very disappointed. I could barely make it through. I had also heard that they changed the story a bit later on as well…I will never know…but WHY???! Whatever, I guess. :-/

Now, I will give it praise for its production values….exquisite sets and costumes, pretty good acting, great casting, great atmosphere and locations…but the story loses it for me, after reading the book. SO MUCH IS MISSING!! I get that they have to pare down these massive books to fit time lines and such, and I’m sure they think that they are just skipping extraneous details, but that is one of the things that makes the books so enjoyable….the vivid detail of everything…every little detail takes the reader there…absorbs them into the story…so that you actually feel like you were transported and are invisible in that world, watching it all unfold. The “Outlander” series is also very much like that, but its TV show gets it. While there is obviously a slight pare down there as well, it is not as glaringly obvious as it is with Game of Thrones! I was just stunned at how much they left out! Of course the people who have just watched the show without reading the books would never know it, thus the glowing reviews? I don’t know, and never will, because I like to read the books first. They are missing out big time, IMO. I’m almost 100% disappointed with the way TV shows or movies based on books I love, turn out, but the curiosity to see it “fleshed out”, as it were, is still strong, so I usually watch them anyway.

While waiting to watch the first episode when it aired, I had set my PVR to record the rest of season 1, which ran on network TV here in Canada in a marathon week, but my kids deleted my timer because it conflicted with their basketball watching! 😛 I was a little peeved at first, understandably, but after seeing episode 1 of “Game of Thrones Lite”, I got over it pretty quickly. Oh well….the excrutiating wait continues(come on already George!!) to find out what REALLY happens next, and not what some TV writer thinks should.



Something Old Is New Again….

Obssessed with Outlander? Who me?! Maybe a wee bit, aye. ;D

Finished book 8 in what is record time for me, since I don’t have massive chunks of time to devote to reading. Every spare moment, though, and into the night, were spent wandering within it’s world. So satisfying. And the ending…. *sigh*. Perfect. The series could end right there, but there is a hunger left for a continuation, and the eager wait for book 9, likely to be released some 4 to 5 YEARS(ack!) from now! That is maddening! It is like not eating chocolate for 5 years! lol

So, after finishing the last, and having been completely absorbed in it….it being my refuge(because I can get so absolutely lost in it…like I transported) from all anxieties and stresses, and my sometimes sadness in the “real world”…. I pined for it. I picked up the new Stephen King book, Mr. Mercedes, which I had on hold. I am currently reading it now, but always with a longing for the pages of Outlander. Missing Claire, Jamie, Bree and Roger, and many others. Missing the feeling of “being there”, peeking into their lives….feeling what they feel, seeing what they see, absorbing their surroundings, tasting the hot buttered toast! 😛

So, a few days ago, I had a thought. I gazed at my other e-reader( I have the last two books in the series on my Kindle), which is home to books 1 through 7 of Outlander. The TV series premieres here in Canada on August 24…August 9 in the U.S.(LUCKY!). It is definitely something to look forward to, and more immersion….hopefully for years….into a visual world of Eighteenth Century Scotland, France, and America. More importantly tagging along after Jamie and Claire again. But I miss it NOW! And that wait is long too. Anyway…where was I….oh yeah…I drifted towards my Sony Reader. Opened Outlander Book One. Tasted a few pages. Loved it. It felt new again. Still page turner-ish. Now I am a quarter into it, alternating it with my other reads. It is like going somewhere comfortable, somewhere familiar. It is fresh again, but in a way that has a different flavour than the first time I read it. I KNOW what will happen to them….not just in 1743, but way up into the 1770s. But that knowledge doesn’t spoil it upon second read…it just makes it interesting in a whole new way….

Every Season Has An End

Here approaches the first Sunday…

The first Sunday out of many, many, many, many, many….*oh woe*….until the second half of the split season of the LAST(waaaahhhhh), that is, FINAL(*anguishes*) season of Mad Men, which begins in April of 2015.

Almost a whole year! It is torturous. 😛

I kind of love that show. Could you tell? lol

Every Sunday, I would PVR it at 8, then watch it later after the kids went to bed. Sit in the dark in my big recliner, with a nice cuppa, and time travel for an hour. Just immerse in its retro splendor. It’s subtlety….

I don’t watch TV much, but I do watch a lot of Netflix, so, consequently and ironically, end up watching a LOT of TV. Ha.

I discovered Mad Men while looking for something interesting that was set in the past. Because I adore to time travel! 😉 So, as it goes often with Netflix, as there were 5 seasons on it at the time I started, and I binged on it. Couldn’t stop watching it back to back. (This happened with Lost too, and Fringe, and a few others…but, anyway….). Then season 5 ended and it was only November, or something, and I had to wait like everyone else for Season 6, and Season 7. And now…they taunt us with this split season thing. Only having 7 episodes per. A taste. Enough to get us all hooked again, settled into a nice Sunday night routine with an old friend, and now….we have to wait, having MM withdrawals every Sunday, because Pawn Stars is just not working for us as a replacement. 😛

I love that it isn’t an in-your-face kind of show. I can’t even really explain completely why it draws me in….but it does. Enough that I think I need to own it on DVD when the box set comes out, probably sometime in 2016. I think one of it’s draws is that the characterization is phenomenal, as are the sets/costumes, and tone of it. It captures the 60s so well…it is exactly like stepping into a portal back to them. Ok…I, technically was only 3 when they ended, but nevertheless. I remember perfectly(in one of my very first ever, and oldest memories…one of which I am convinced launched my obsession with sci fi and all things space related…) of watching the Apollo Moon landing with MY parents too….


So now…a year long wait, then 7 more, then done….FOREVER! *wails in more anguish* ;P

Every Season Has An End….


Big History

I discovered Big History on the H2 channel last night(my fave channel, btw!), and having started watching it late, and not being able to watch long, I decided to look at YouTube to see if I could continue it as I went about my daily stuff….because even just listening to it, is interesting….

Anyway…I did find a LOT of vids for it because Big History Project has a channel there. It is also a free course…

I am thinking of doing it, and possibly my history obsessed sons may be interested, as well.  It could be another interesting thing we can do together….. 🙂


A Vision of Optimism

I am a huge Star Trek fan. Always have been. I have watched it ever since I can remember. It always sparked my imagination, then, and still does now. I believe that, even though when I was a kid it was merely entertainment to me, it helped to shape the person I am today…for I agree with it’s vision with every fiber of my being.

The thing with Star Trek is it’s vision of optimism. An ideal future full of hope, tolerance, non-greed, cooperation, and compassion…. with an eternal quest for knowledge and making things better. There is a philosophy in it, that non-fans, and people who scoff that it is just a silly TV show, just don’t see… and really….miss out on.

“The whole show was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate, but to take a special delight in differences in ideas and differences in life forms. We tried to say that the worst possible thing that can happen to all of us is for the future to somehow press us into a common mould, where we begin to act and talk and look and think alike. If we cannot learn to actually enjoy those small differences, take a positive delight in those small differences between our own kind, here on this planet, then we do not deserve to go out into space and meet the diversity that is almost certainly out there. And I think that this is what people responded to.” ~ Gene Roddenberry



“Live Long and Prosper” 🙂




I Swooned….Then I Did a Super Giddy Happy Dance!

So, I already knew that Outlander was being made into a TV event on Starz. I was excited, but extremely bummed out too, because I didn’t think I could watch it, being in Canada.

Anyway…I was looking around at Pinterest today, pinning stuff to my Outlander(obsession lol) board, and stumbled across a link announcing that Showcase Canada had picked it up!!!!! Feeling light headed and giddy, ;P, I quickly checked to see if we are already subscribed, and yes! Woo HOO!!

I am a wee bit excited. hahaha!  



What If? Other Earths…

I have a surreal mind. I like mind bendy thoughts, and have them often! Too much sci-fi, maybe! hahaha! Or not. Who really knows….
I recently watched the Twilight Zone Episode, “The Parallel” (one of my fave episodes, btw), which is about an astronaut who goes off into space, encounters a flash, and ends up in a parallel world very similar to the one he left, but with some things that are “off”. It is one of my faves, because Parallel Universes fascinate me to no end.

Anyway, it reminded me of something I pondered about them the other day. What if….the other planets with life in the Universe(yes, I believe there is definitely other life out there) are all just parallel Earths? Similar planets with similar beings on them, or even “us”…the people on this one…, just repeated over and over again, but with things just different enough to not be exactly the same? What if there are no “greys” or “reptilian things” or other such really-different-from-us-beings? What if “aliens” are all really humans like us, living different realities….some maybe more advanced than us, some still underdeveloped technologically wise, some the same? What if the Universe is just a series of parallels, and each “Universe” to the people observing it, is theirs on their plane of existence, but unbeknownst to them, is running parallel to other Universes instead of there only being just one giant one?

The movie “Another Earth” is somewhat about this, although it isn’t explored in-depth, since the movie is more about this young girl and her struggles. Never the less…it had me intrigued enough to set my mind a-pondering. 😀