Girl From Mars

Right now I am reading the novel, “Mars” by Ben Bova. It has so far captured my imagination, even though I am barely into it yet. Because it has to do with Mars! A good hard sci-fi read about that intriguing rust-colored world just beyond us.

I don’t really know what it is exactly, about the Red Planet, that so fascinates me, but it does…deeply. It draws me to it. In an eerily compelling way. Every movie about it, every book about it, every image of it, ESPECIALLY the real ones sent back by the probes like Curiosity, I revel in.

Ever since I was a little kid, Mars has captured my imagination. I look for it in the night sky often. I imagine what it might have been like a billion years ago. Did it resemble Earth? Was there, is there, life there? Questions that intrigue lots of people, I suppose.

It is just cold, dusty, and barren. So what is it? What is the draw? Intensely beautiful and mysterious, it holds some secrets….of that I am convinced.

High-Resolution Self-Portrait by Curiosity Rover Arm Camera…click on image to go to Nasa’s awesome JPL website!


Big History

I discovered Big History on the H2 channel last night(my fave channel, btw!), and having started watching it late, and not being able to watch long, I decided to look at YouTube to see if I could continue it as I went about my daily stuff….because even just listening to it, is interesting….

Anyway…I did find a LOT of vids for it because Big History Project has a channel there. It is also a free course…

I am thinking of doing it, and possibly my history obsessed sons may be interested, as well.  It could be another interesting thing we can do together….. 🙂




I am made of stardust

Sparkling and alive

I dream and soar

On comet tails 

And forever will survive


I am made of stardust

Enchanting and serene

I dance and play

On Saturn’s rings 

In hues of blue and green


I am made of stardust

Warm and vibrantly bright 

I laugh and sing

On Jupiter’s moons

Always a wondrous sight


I am made of stardust

And throughout the Universe I fly

On to explore strange new worlds

As brilliant as a sapphyre sky…

©WD (sapphyreskye) April 2014


beautiful…. 🙂

Mind Expansion

Awesome sites!! Now this is what the Internet is good for….


That is Jupiter in the pic above…. *sits in awe at it’s beauty*

Could hang out there reading for hours, and it wouldn’t be a waste of time. Expanding my mind…. learning….imagining the possibilities….. 🙂