Made my baby a onesie!

So, my new fur baby just turned one, and her puppy fur was mixing with her adult doggie fur to make one big matted mess!


Are you in there, Melody? hahaha

Time to go to the groomer! When I picked her up, the groomer showed me how her coat came off almost in one piece! Asked me if I wanted it…so, being the weird one that I am…thinking that I might do some kind of textile art with it 😛 …. I took it home. lol


wow! where is my dog? 😛

So, this was in February, and we had a cold snap. It is STILL winter here, btw…never-ending now, it seems. Might as well be Siberia! Sheesh!

She gets cold easily anyway, because of being so little(under 6 pounds!), and now she was virtually naked because the matting was so bad, and the groomer had to shave it really short all over….


Nakey pup!

Well, I had a little sweater for her, and that was somewhat ok…but it left her whole hind end exposed though, so she still shivered All. The. Time. I took it upon myself to go looking for doggie onesies…as they cover all legs and the whole of their bodies. Couldn’t find one in any stores near me, of course. Seriously? It’s Canada…pet stores should stock them! Argh!


Sweet baby! ❤

Next, I went online, and found handmade ones…for exorbitant prices, of course. And I appreciate handmade, so I get that. But still…too much for me! Then I thought..I could totally make one myself! I’m somewhat crafty, after all! 😉 I had made a few Halloween costumes in my time, so wasn’t a stranger to sewing….check this one out…off topic but  I’m proud of myself! 😀 It is a Thorin Oakenshield costume from ” The Hobbit” I made in 2014. Took 6 weeks!

IMG_7117 copy

“Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold.” 😀

Anyway…. back to doggie onesies…

I found some fabulous polar fleece fabric, bought a pattern at Etsy, and just made the thing. It turned out awesome! She is warm now, and is looking super stylish! 😀

I’m thinking I will make a couple more now for variety!


Rockin’ my homemade onesie!  Thanks Mum! ❤


New Fur Baby!!

Two weeks ago, we brought home our newest fur baby! Now I have two beautiful sweetie pups! 😀

Meet Melody… 🙂 ❤

She is a Shih Tzu/Maltese cross, and weighs next to nothing at the moment! She was the runt, and is expected to be about 6 pounds full grown. Tiny little fur ball reminds me of the rabbit I used to have! 🙂 So amazingly soft! Plus she bouncy/hops when she runs, and even smells like him! lol

She is super cuddly, affectionate, smart, playful and curious. She loves my boys, but I am her fave. I know it! 😀 haha

My other dog tore her (dog equivalent of) ACL a few days after we brought puppy home, so they have not played together much, since her activity needs to be kept low. 😦  Melody loves her though!

And she loves Melody’s toys! 😛

Ember and moose

We The North

I am Canadian. A Canadian Mom. A Canadian Mom whose kids don’t play hockey! *hears collective gasp* Right? hahaha It is very nearly the reaction one gets up here when the inevitable question is asked after people find out I have three boys. But my kids can’t even skate well. They never took to it. Never asked to learn. And it, let’s be real, is quite cost prohibitive if one is not a millionaire…especially when there are THREE of them!



So they don’t play it. They also don’t watch it. Aren’t into it in the slightest. I used to love watching it. Now it feels slow and boring to me. *another gasp heard across the Great White North* 😛 And I’ll explain….

All three of my sons are obsessed with basketball. Playing it, watching it, video gaming it, & memorizing every stat and trivial nugget of info. My two oldest play at school, then play club ball in the Spring. Our house is basketball central from November to June, and in the Summer they yak on and on about how they can’t wait for it to start, while spending hours on end with their outdoor hoop. And we are not going broke letting them play it!

hockey  basketball


What is bizarre to me, is that I LOATHED the game since high school, during which we were forced to play it in gym every. frigging. day. I was never good at it. Terrible, in fact. Got picked last all the time. It was humiliating. So I, of course, never took to watching it, either. I knew who some big name NBA players were…pretty hard to miss if you aren’t living in a cave, but I had zero interest in watching it. Until one day when my oldest was 12, and came home from school announcing that he made the basketball team. Then got so into it, that the NBA channel became pretty much the only thing our TV was/is tuned to. Then his brother hit grade 7 and wanted to play too, influenced by his big brother. Now my 10 year old is getting the b-ball bug. He won’t play very competitively until grade 7, but that doesn’t stop him with being obsessed with it during gym and with the outdoor hoop! Needless to say, they never got their love for it from me! lol

Now, I have to say, after 4 years of being surrounded by talk of it, and by watching them at school and countless NBA games as a bonding thing with them, I am quite fond of it. I may even be starting to love it. And you know what? It really does make hockey seem boring now. *more gasps and maybe fainting*  😛 hahahaha No, really, I was/am even kind of shocked by that revelation!




For me, I find that basketball is faster paced, has cooler, more impressive shots on net, and can be a nail biter right down to 6 seconds left in a game. Anything can happen! It’s fascinating & addictive! I can’t look away! lol


My oldest is a Golden State Warriors super fan….I’m talking he literally CRIED when they lost the championship last season, lol….. and the rest of us root for the Toronto Raptors… Canada’s only b-ball team. Personally I like both, as they are in different divisions, but will always put Toronto first. 🙂

Tonight they play each other. Golden State, along with the Cleveland Cavaliers, are the best in the league. But the Raptors have been bringing it this season, so far. It could be interesting. No….WILL BE interesting! 🙂


Also the Raptors have cooler graphics! 😛


Go Raptors Go! 😀



Would make a good song, methinks. I should write it.


Reminds me of one….hmm….I know…

dang Carly Simon! “You’re So Vain” was in my head yesterday. I hate that song, btw. What is the deal?

Oh well. Goin’ with it, anyway. I do like her voice, and the song I am posting is ok. Now, also stuck in my head, though. argh! Need a Zeppelin fix, maybe. No, I do. No maybees about it!

There. How about 20?! Hopefully that helps!! lol Damn, but Robert Plant was/is so sexay! mmmm…. oh, did I write that out loud? heh.

One thing it did do was  totally provide me with a procrastination tool, in which to avoid doing my laundry this morning, at least for as long as it takes me to write this completely pointless post.

Pro…cras…tin…ayyyy…shun. It’s making me wait….

haha. In a weird mood this morning. yeah. 😛

Winter Fell

I just started reading Game of Thrones over this past weekend. I know, have I been living in a cave?! haha. I have been resisting watching the TV series, because I wanted to read it first. I don’t even look at the characters from the show, because I want to form them in my own mind first. It is too soon to know whether I will love it, and thusly become obsessed over it, like I did with Outlander, but I do like it so far. I love the LOTR-ish atmosphere with the fantasy names of people and places, and the medieval-ish settings/ imagery. I think I can fall into these books, and get lost for a while. When I finish ALL of them, then I will watch the series on DVD or Netflix, if they ever get around to getting it, that is. I kind of hope not soon, actually, since I am not sure I could resist it, if it was right there.

All last week we have been having very mild weather. Warm for October here, actually. Halloween night(Friday) was nearly balmy with a temp around 12C. Compared to last year, that is, when walking around taking the boys trick or treating, I nearly froze my ears off.

I was at the library on Saturday, like every Saturday, since my son’s tutor is based there, and instead of sitting down to read what I already had on the go, I felt like wandering around the sci-fi/fantasy paperback section. Often, over the last year, I have done that looking for Game of Thrones #1 to finally pick up. It is NEVER in. I could have put in a request for a copy, since my library is connected to many others, and they do inter-library transfers of books, but I just never did it. I have ordered other books, but never thought to order that one. It meant jumping into a long series, plus I needed to have the headspace to delve into an elaborate fantasy novel….one needs loads of concentration for those, I have found. And since I have been having trouble, since my Mom passed away, concentrating on my books(it is getting a bit better now, thank goodness!) I wasn’t considering even going near that series. Then last Saturday happened. Drawn to that section, was I. And lo and behold….there it was! With no hesitation, I checked it out. Then, as I often do, I perused the used paperbacks-for-sale racks, and found….Book number two, “Clash of Kings”, for a quarter! Meant to be read right now, this series is, methinks.

That same day, I started it. It also snowed that day, temps dropped, and we got our first good snow of the new winter. Winter Fell, I thought….how appropriate…. 🙂

Girl From Mars

Right now I am reading the novel, “Mars” by Ben Bova. It has so far captured my imagination, even though I am barely into it yet. Because it has to do with Mars! A good hard sci-fi read about that intriguing rust-colored world just beyond us.

I don’t really know what it is exactly, about the Red Planet, that so fascinates me, but it does…deeply. It draws me to it. In an eerily compelling way. Every movie about it, every book about it, every image of it, ESPECIALLY the real ones sent back by the probes like Curiosity, I revel in.

Ever since I was a little kid, Mars has captured my imagination. I look for it in the night sky often. I imagine what it might have been like a billion years ago. Did it resemble Earth? Was there, is there, life there? Questions that intrigue lots of people, I suppose.

It is just cold, dusty, and barren. So what is it? What is the draw? Intensely beautiful and mysterious, it holds some secrets….of that I am convinced.

High-Resolution Self-Portrait by Curiosity Rover Arm Camera…click on image to go to Nasa’s awesome JPL website!