Seems to be parallel universe day in my mind today. Well, not really surprising since I do happen to think about them quite a bit. I also love movies and books that have to do with the subject. They intrigue me. I wonder sometimes if dreams are a window of sorts into seeing them….hmmmm. Food for thought.

I had a dream once, about one of the houses we used to live in. There were two of me. I watched “her” through a window. I couldn’t leave back to my own Universe. I was misplaced. I was trapped. It was freaky. It was a very Twilight Zone-ish dream. I wrote a poem about it the next morning….


Wandering, but not really lost…
Lost, but things are familiar…
Misplaced was I.
Wondering what I should do…
The house was the same.
The street the same, too, but also not in little ways…
We had never moved from that house.
I live in it, and all is well.
I could not enter.
I don’t live there.
I wandered…
wondering what I should do now.
How to get back?
Where did the portal go?
The one hurtling me into this familiar,
but other, Universe…
There can’t be two of us, and I am lost…
Endlessly wandering in this familiar,
but unfamiliar, plane of existence.
Not fitting anywhere here.
And I am trapped…

©WD(sapphyreskye) March 2013




What If? Other Earths…

I have a surreal mind. I like mind bendy thoughts, and have them often! Too much sci-fi, maybe! hahaha! Or not. Who really knows….
I recently watched the Twilight Zone Episode, “The Parallel” (one of my fave episodes, btw), which is about an astronaut who goes off into space, encounters a flash, and ends up in a parallel world very similar to the one he left, but with some things that are “off”. It is one of my faves, because Parallel Universes fascinate me to no end.

Anyway, it reminded me of something I pondered about them the other day. What if….the other planets with life in the Universe(yes, I believe there is definitely other life out there) are all just parallel Earths? Similar planets with similar beings on them, or even “us”…the people on this one…, just repeated over and over again, but with things just different enough to not be exactly the same? What if there are no “greys” or “reptilian things” or other such really-different-from-us-beings? What if “aliens” are all really humans like us, living different realities….some maybe more advanced than us, some still underdeveloped technologically wise, some the same? What if the Universe is just a series of parallels, and each “Universe” to the people observing it, is theirs on their plane of existence, but unbeknownst to them, is running parallel to other Universes instead of there only being just one giant one?

The movie “Another Earth” is somewhat about this, although it isn’t explored in-depth, since the movie is more about this young girl and her struggles. Never the less…it had me intrigued enough to set my mind a-pondering. 😀

The Sock Portal of Infinity….

*to be read in a melodramatic and mysterious announcer voice* mwahahahaha!

I found it!!

The portal!

One of the great mysteries of the Isle of Laundry, one that has baffled me for years, has been solved!

As I was cleaning out toy boxes the other day, lo and behold, lay the portal of lost socks! A vortex where socks lose their way and get sucked into the lost world that is the gigantic toy box of infinity….

All along the dryer got blamed for being the portal. For taking wayward socks to their doom, never to be reunited with their mates….

But no, the portal lay in the much more vast, treacherous and mysterious area known as Toy51. Where the mysteries of the universe unfold to reveal a nest of socks awaiting their return to the safety of the sock drawer at long last….

Brave traveler that I am, on a two day journey to this quicksand of Lego, cars, Meccano parts and severed Batman heads….I returned triumphant with no less than 25 socks in need of immediate washer attention…having suffered the ravages of being buried for untold ages…. at long last to be reunited with mates that have waited months, hoping that they too would finally be released from the vast wasteland that is the sock drawer of no return….