The Master At Work…

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Page, who turned 73(!!!!) today!

In his honour, “I’d Like To Introduce Led Zeppelin To Ya”. 😀

The master at work….


Flipping To The B-Side

Recently we have been cleaning out our attic space, and in the process have been taking quite a few memory lane walks. One such walk has involved finding my old turntable, and giant box of LPs and 45s. If you are too young to know what I mean, google it. lol

Anyway, last Friday we hooked up the old thing to its speakers(which barely work, but still do somewhat), and started going through the old albums. Faves of mine are my two original Rolling Stones full albums, one from 1966, and the other from 1969. Plus the piles of 45 singles, ranging in years from about 1969- the mid eighties. My very first 45s were given to me by my teenage babysitter when I was 6… The Who’s “I’m Free”, and The Stone’s “Honky Tonk Woman”. Both are in sorry shape, but still play without skipping. The grooving and spontaneous dancing commenced! It was very fun!


There was something so visceral about the “vinyl years”. The cover art for the album, the flipping through the stack to find the one you feel like listening to. Going to the record store in anticipation of buying it. The pulling of the album carefully from its inner sleeve, carefully only handling it by the edges, to place it gently on the turntable. Dropping the needle gently into the grooves. Then comes the “tone” before the song starts. That moment of anticipation…

Still kind of sucks to have to get up to skip a song you don’t like, or to flip the thing over, but that, too, is all part of the physical experience of sitting around playing the tunes. And when we were spinning the old discs last weekend, I wasn’t bothered at all. I missed it in a weird sort of way. Enough that I declared that I wanted a new portable turntable for Christmas this year. Oddly enough, vinyl is hot again, and stores are popping up in the city, which sell or trade old records…never mind the Internet has EVERYTHING! haha.
Plus you can actually go out and buy a new turntable. Fitted with USB ports and other new fangled features which let you transfer your old vinyl LPs to your iPod. Meh. To me, that just defeats the purpose of playing the record! I can buy them all digitally, for better sound, if I wanted to do that. To me, spinning vinyl is about the tangible experience, not bumping everything over to play in the car. It is about sitting in the living room, or wherever the turntable is, having a moment with the album covers while the tunes play. Needless to say, that feature doesn’t interest me.

So now, my quest is on to find some nice original albums for my collection. Not freshly pressed. I’m all about the vintage sound…even if it includes the odd scratchiness to it….  🙂




Loveliness of Time…If Only For A Moment

Today, inspired by someone feeling nostalgic, my muse was awakened (finally!! it has been FOREVER since I have written any poetry!).

If only for a moment. Maybe I will be able to write more poetry today, and maybe it was just fleeting. No matter…I am content and grateful to have been inspired. If only for a moment… 🙂


Look upon the radiant horizon
and see the loveliness of time
In moments captured, and held forever
in the warmth of your beautiful heart

©WD(sapphyreskye) August 2015

mountain sunset watermarked

Where Did My Wrinkles Go?

I have this gardenia body spray. Whenever I put it on, and get a whiff, I am struck by how powerfully I am instantly transported to being about 17 again. I wore a gardenia scented perfume everyday back then, and this stuff smells EXACTLY like it. It is like… WHOOOSH…. I flew through the wormhole again! 😀

Same with music. I was sitting with my sketchbook tonight, plugged into my groovalicious “pod”, and had it set to shuffle through my entire, massive catalogue of songs. In true spooky fashion, as it often seems to do, it read my mind, sensed my mood, and kept choosing songs from my teens/young adulthood. And I was again transported….

It is the summer of 1986. I am driving on a highway through the mountains in Montana, in my little blue Nissan Pulsar. The sunroof is out. The warm, soft, pine-scented breeze is ruffling my very layered hair. The stereo is blasting one of my many mixed cassette tapes(one of my favourite things to make, and I still do it, only now they are playlists or CDs of course 😛 ). I am 20. I feel good. Life is good….carefree….

And I danced….

And I sang away….

Immersion Into An Era of Contentment

I am a child of the 70s. I had a rare (according to most people I come across) good childhood, too. That era lives in my memories as a happy place to be. Now, that is from the perspective of a kid…I am sure as an adult it would have had its pitfalls and challenges, just like any era one lives in as an adult does…with adult worries, and adult problems.

But I was a young kid. What I remember is very little conflict in my life, lots of good music permeating the day…from my records, and the transistor radio attached to me like an extra limb. I bought 45s(little records) with just about all my allowance money. I scoured the radio dial for the progressive FM stations which played album rock, satisfying my craving for something deeper than constant AM radio pop music. I remember watching and playacting Charlie’s Angels, getting a Farrah doll, having my Barbies go “camping” in the living room and backyard. Riding to the burger drive-in, for an ice cream cone with sprinkles, on my banana seated gold bike, building tree forts, sledding, skating, going to the fair, magical Christmases, winning ribbons at track meets, enjoying Planet of The Apes, Bewitched, and original Star Trek marathons… and so on….

I like to “go there” sometimes. Just immerse. I love movies and old TV shows from then. I love the 70s classic radio channels. My satellite TV contains all these things, never mind everything I can find on the Internet. I am weird, maybe, yeah. I can hear “don’t live in the past” judgements in my head. Whatever. I don’t always “live in la-la land”, and I can definitely distinguish the past from the present. Besides…after all…it is my life to live, anyway.

I don’t care if the songs are sometimes cheesy on these stations(and they are, although they do play lots of Zeppelin too…yay!). Because nearly every song reminds me of that time. Especially of my parents younger…my Mom and Dad in their 40s. Vibrant. With working bodies and minds. No 96 pounds of frailty, no dementia, no ailing to the point of scariness…. 😦

With much bittersweetness, the musical memories are. I simultaneously love the time travel trip the songs take me on, but also can get feeling sometimes overwhelming melancholy…especially if my Dad calls when I am listening (like he just did a few minutes ago) from the nursing home he is now confined to…talking to me about completely off-the-wall things…things that make no sense….lost in some memory he is having that has nothing to do with the present. At least he still knows who I am 99% of the time, so I have that to hold on to. :-/  I listen to him talk to me. I am cheerful with him. Agree with him, go with whatever story he is telling me, like it is not confusing….him thinking it is 1986, me lost in the 70s. *sigh*

I guess we both go, in our own minds, to a time that makes us feel comforted. I don’t, and probably never will know, what 1986 is to him, but, I know, for myself, as long as it works for me, I will always occasionally immerse in the 70s when I need to….




Vintage Landscape


The landscape looks vintage today.

Subtle, warm colors, like a hand-tinted photograph, fill my sight…

Cottony white clouds, painted on the softly faded cerulean sky

Rest against the horizon, 

As the fields of pale stretch on into infinity…

My childhood lives here.

Most of my young adulthood too…

Memories surface one upon the other, in rapid succession;

More vivid now, as the time grows nearer

To when there will not be reason, anymore, to make this drive…

My heart catches on these thoughts

And I silently weep

As I watch the pale landscape fade behind me….

©WD(sapphyreskye) April 2014

A Vision of Optimism

I am a huge Star Trek fan. Always have been. I have watched it ever since I can remember. It always sparked my imagination, then, and still does now. I believe that, even though when I was a kid it was merely entertainment to me, it helped to shape the person I am today…for I agree with it’s vision with every fiber of my being.

The thing with Star Trek is it’s vision of optimism. An ideal future full of hope, tolerance, non-greed, cooperation, and compassion…. with an eternal quest for knowledge and making things better. There is a philosophy in it, that non-fans, and people who scoff that it is just a silly TV show, just don’t see… and really….miss out on.

“The whole show was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate, but to take a special delight in differences in ideas and differences in life forms. We tried to say that the worst possible thing that can happen to all of us is for the future to somehow press us into a common mould, where we begin to act and talk and look and think alike. If we cannot learn to actually enjoy those small differences, take a positive delight in those small differences between our own kind, here on this planet, then we do not deserve to go out into space and meet the diversity that is almost certainly out there. And I think that this is what people responded to.” ~ Gene Roddenberry



“Live Long and Prosper” 🙂