Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads!

Spent Thanksgiving weekend, last weekend, dirt biking in the mountains. Got a little rain…ok a LOT of rain….on the second night, and the next day was interesting in a mud boggy, gigantic deep puddles, sort of way! lol Saw a moose too! Bonus!



Gorgeous trail

Gorgeous trail! Leading up to the giant hill….

Did a lot of challenging stuff this trip. Ok..like we ever do easy, now. 😛 Sometimes it is easyish, or it seems so, after doing challenging trails! My definition of an easy trail has changed dramatically in the last couple of months, as my skills improve. Hills can still be difficult for me. Coming down is harder than going up, though! Did a gigantic hill that was mostly dirt, and few rocks, and it was surprisingly easier than a few of the smaller ones. Crossed a creek…no bridge there for whatever reason…never good to have to ride through creeks, but there was little choice… to get to a trail where we then parked, and hiked a bit to get to a ghost town site. Very worth it, as that was super cool! I rode on the back of hubby’s bike to cross it, ’cause I chickened out, lol, and that was scary enough! He rode my bike across, and the thing stalled in the middle! ACK! My little guy(ok, maybe not so little anymore, at almost 9!) also went across with his Dad. It was almost too deep for his bike. The other two are daredevils, and got across on their own. I couldn’t watch! I was the only one who didn’t get wet feet, though, princess that I am! haha! 😛

ghost town remnants

ghost town remnants

8 also fell over in a puddle and got totally soaked and muddy, and was laughing the whole time. Better than tears, thank goodness! Especially since we were out in the middle of nowhere and still a good 40 minutes away from the staging area. Poor guy! Mom, of course, thinks ahead, and had a change of clothes for him. I learn something every time we go, though. And one thing is to bring about 10 pairs of socks each, instead of 3! lol Muddy and wet socks were the order of the day…well, excepting mine of course! hehehe I would dry them, and the boots, overnight on the hotel furnace fan on cool. Don’t need a fire happening, after all. Smelled particularly wonderful in the room all night! Stinky boy feet! 😛 LMAO!
All in all, it was wonderful to get to go out again so late in the season! And a great way to spend Thanksgiving! 😀

Where we're going we don't need roads!

No roads here! Skinny rocky trail….


Special Rocks

On our last camping trip, there is a lake which has a rock beach. No sand at all, just rocks. From the tiniest of pebbles, to larger almost boulder sized. All colors too. I am always on the hunt for really unusual ones, or really pretty ones, or ones that combine the two characteristics. 🙂

I especially love finding heart shaped rocks! Good luck to find them too, in a “rock sea” of millions! My little guy is really good at spotting them, and other unusual rocks. He likes to look in the water near shore because, when wet, the colors really stand out. He gives them to me because he knows I collect them. Little Sweetiepie he is! ❤

I found 6 heart shaped rocks this trip…or they found me! 😀

I especially love these special rocks, which he found in the lake…:)


arrowhead rock, and alien face rock!


I heart this rock! 🙂

Then there was the lichen in the shape of a heart on a lichen covered larger rock….at a different lake…

I am

I am “lichen” this rock! ;P

I also like to draw on rocks with other rocks. It rubs or washes off, so it isn’t permanent. I write on them, or draw little pictures, photograph it, then leave them there for others to find…and to hopefully get a smile from when they find them! 🙂

'I love art' heart rock. :)

‘I love art’ heart rock. 🙂

Making smiles...hopefully!

Making smiles…hopefully!


I might make jewelry out of some of the smaller rocks I found. There are a few that are stunning in their colors, or textures. One of my faves is a reddish one that is perfectly round like a marble….or…a planet. A small planet in a rock universe. ;D

Mud Girl

Well, I finally know how to ride the thing. And even be comfortable riding it! A few weeks ago we went for a 4 day dirt biking trip in the mountains. I learned really fast because I just did it. Some of the trails were very tame, and some….not. By the end of the 4 days, after 142 km of various level mountain dirt bike/ATV trails, I was confident on it, and raring to go again! lol

At the start of it, though…I froze. It had been a month, or so, since I had even gotten on it, and I forgot, largely, what I was doing. I still had lots of fear of riding, because of lack of confidence. Where we had ridden before was busy, the trails moderate to difficult(so we avoided them), and the only flat place was the road in! While not ideal, it was necessary in order to learn how to shift gears. The whole time, though, I kept thinking I was going to get hit by a vehicle, so I was just tense, and I did not enjoy myself at all. So, this 4 day trip we were taking did not exactly fill me with excitement.

After practicing…on some very flat, tame trails…starting, stopping, and standing up(to go over rough spots, dips, etc.), we were ready to start doing the trails in earnest. I was last in a single file line, and that was fine with me. I get nervous otherwise, since there are no rear view mirrors. A weird psychological thing, I have, I guess. 😛

Going along on a flat, tame trail is no guarantee that it will stay that way! A lot of the time, there would be large and small puddles(it had just rained) scattered all over, and you either had to ride through them, or dodge them. Very good practice for steering and for standing! Then other times, the trail would be littered with small to large rocks, left there by flooding, etc. Dodge or go over. More practice steering and standing! There is problem solving involved as well, as you decide the easiest, or the safest way around, or through whatever the trail throws at you. By the end of the trip, I was going through the little puddles on purpose, because it was just fun!

We did some hills, as well. Big ones. Littered with river rock. Ack! A bit nerve-wracking, but after I managed them, up and down, without falling off, I was pretty proud of myself! Then there were the giant puddles in some places. Some 6 feet in diameter, covering the entire trail with no way around them! There was no choice but to charge through them. Not knowing how deep they were, or how soft the bottom. Usually the outer edges were better, but not always, as I found out. I got most of the way across one of them, and felt the bike slip, then get stuck in the deep mud at the bottom. My shifter was under water, I couldn’t find neutral, and I was panicky since I nearly went over! So, I had to be rescued.  Out of a mud puddle. A mud puddle even my 8 year old managed to get across! Sheesh. 😛 They all had a hoot over that one! lol

I broke my bike in, finally….and I got muddy, and it was awesome! Woo Hoo!  😀

All in all, we ended the trip with nobody hurt, and everyone a thousand times more confident than when we started. Because after doing what were most definitely advanced intermediate trails, doing anything else was easy…. Now, I don’t fear going again. And actually look forward to it.

The scenery is gorgeous, and the riding has finally managed to be thrilling to me. We even named our bikes…There is “Beast”, “Mayhem”, “Cyclone”, “Hippie”(my little guy’s…don’t know why that name. lol), and I called mine “Rocket”. 😀 hahaha IMG_20150718_171241

Getting Dirty

I am jumping into doing dirt biking this summer. Talked into it, because I hate being left out. Good thing I am a tomboy! lol I don’t mind getting dirty, and I like a good thrill! ;P  I will admit to being a bit nervous about it though. Starting it at my …ahem…”advanced age”… is a wee bit scary. I don’t want to go getting all hurt, and such. Plus I need to learn how to start it, run it, and ride it. eek!

I so love doing stuff with my boys, though. I started archery as an activity to do with them, and ended up loving it even more than they do! I worry for them on the bikes also, but then, I worry when they snowboard/ski too….

Life is too short to just sit in my house all the time. It isn’t horseback riding, which I would prefer, since I already know how to ride them, but there are some advantages in that the bike will be more predictable to ride, since it can’t think, and therefore get spooked, and it doesn’t need to be boarded and fed…unless you count putting gas in it as feeding. 😛 I think I am smart enough to figure it out…at least I hope so…I have never been good at driving manual transmission cars, so am a bit daunted by this prospect in a bike.

At least it will be nice, anyway, to get outside and play. We have some nice places to do this here. Great scenery. Do guys think of that when they head out, or is it just the chance for them to shatter the peace with the noise? lol

One of the things I worry about, too, are the idiots. Those guys who feel the need to show off how fast they can go, or how reckless they can be, without consideration for other riders. Plus there is also the fear of the drunk drivers. Guys going out to ride their bikes/ATVs after they have had a few beers in the truck beforehand. There will always be people like that. Always an idiot in the crowd, as it were. Hopefully we can find quiet, easy trails, on which to learn this new skill in peace. Without that extra stress…

At any rate, my boys think it is cool that I am willing to try this with them. Cool Mom…that’s me! 😛 More like Crazy Mom, maybe. haha

Out for a Stroll in SubZero Loveliness

Stroll. Yeah. Whew! hahaha!

Well, we didn’t end up going snowshoeing yesterday, as a blizzard rolled in, but today it was overcast, and not snowing anymore. We almost didn’t go today, either, as the temps had plummeted to around minus 22C…..just a wee bit cold to be out and about. 😛

But, after a little thought, coupled with a great desire to go, we bundled up in lots of layers, a good balaclava, toe and hand warmers(an ABSOLUTE MUST…those things are amazing!), and off we went anyway, thinking that if it was just too cold, we could always turn around.

This time we went to a favourite summer hiking spot, that features a lookout at the top. So a good steep incline was to be on the agenda, too! We ended up doing the whole 5KM loop, including the lookout, and it took around 4 hours. I was never cold! Not once! My eyelashes…as were everybody’s…frosted, but nobody felt the cold. We were exercising so hard, that even when we rested, the extreme cold never seeped in.

My stupid camera battery died, though, and I couldn’t take the pics I wanted to take….of a trail so breathtakingly beautiful, that one could only stare at it in absolute awe. Because of the snow storm the day before, the trees were heavy with it. And so tall were the trees…gigantic white sentinels! So quiet was the trail. So incredibly peaceful! While I don’t have my own pics because of my camera failure, I did find one that describes the scene fairly accurately…

It was SO nice. SO fun. SO tiring too! lol But that good kind of tiring….where at the end, when you finally sit, get warm, and relax, you feel so good, and also proud of yourself that you did such a trek. That you bonded with your kids, surrounded by the grandeur of nature, braved…and pretty much conquered….the cold, and did something so special, that it will live in memory long after it is over….

I shall sleep well tonight. 🙂

Fresh First Day.

We woke up early, and went on a 4 hour snowshoe trek through the woods. It was a bright, sunny day, today, with a “balmy” temp. of minus 1C. Even had to take my coat off! lol

Gorgeous mountain views, fragrant pines, lovely clear blue sky, and a sparkling snowscape. A very peaceful, and very fun way to spend the first day of the new year…..

Going again tomorrow.  🙂


The Mountains Are Calling

Off in two days. I need it so much after the year I have had!! There is a certain special peace standing on top of a ski hill, with the beautiful vistas spanning out in all directions, or following a quiet trail, surrounded by the beauty of snow laden trees glittering in the sunshine. There is also a certain special kind of exhilaration when you are in the zone, and are gliding rapidly, and effortlessly down the mountain….