We The North

I am Canadian. A Canadian Mom. A Canadian Mom whose kids don’t play hockey! *hears collective gasp* Right? hahaha It is very nearly the reaction one gets up here when the inevitable question is asked after people find out I have three boys. But my kids can’t even skate well. They never took to it. Never asked to learn. And it, let’s be real, is quite cost prohibitive if one is not a millionaire…especially when there are THREE of them!



So they don’t play it. They also don’t watch it. Aren’t into it in the slightest. I used to love watching it. Now it feels slow and boring to me. *another gasp heard across the Great White North* 😛 And I’ll explain….

All three of my sons are obsessed with basketball. Playing it, watching it, video gaming it, & memorizing every stat and trivial nugget of info. My two oldest play at school, then play club ball in the Spring. Our house is basketball central from November to June, and in the Summer they yak on and on about how they can’t wait for it to start, while spending hours on end with their outdoor hoop. And we are not going broke letting them play it!

hockey  basketball


What is bizarre to me, is that I LOATHED the game since high school, during which we were forced to play it in gym every. frigging. day. I was never good at it. Terrible, in fact. Got picked last all the time. It was humiliating. So I, of course, never took to watching it, either. I knew who some big name NBA players were…pretty hard to miss if you aren’t living in a cave, but I had zero interest in watching it. Until one day when my oldest was 12, and came home from school announcing that he made the basketball team. Then got so into it, that the NBA channel became pretty much the only thing our TV was/is tuned to. Then his brother hit grade 7 and wanted to play too, influenced by his big brother. Now my 10 year old is getting the b-ball bug. He won’t play very competitively until grade 7, but that doesn’t stop him with being obsessed with it during gym and with the outdoor hoop! Needless to say, they never got their love for it from me! lol

Now, I have to say, after 4 years of being surrounded by talk of it, and by watching them at school and countless NBA games as a bonding thing with them, I am quite fond of it. I may even be starting to love it. And you know what? It really does make hockey seem boring now. *more gasps and maybe fainting*  😛 hahahaha No, really, I was/am even kind of shocked by that revelation!




For me, I find that basketball is faster paced, has cooler, more impressive shots on net, and can be a nail biter right down to 6 seconds left in a game. Anything can happen! It’s fascinating & addictive! I can’t look away! lol


My oldest is a Golden State Warriors super fan….I’m talking he literally CRIED when they lost the championship last season, lol….. and the rest of us root for the Toronto Raptors… Canada’s only b-ball team. Personally I like both, as they are in different divisions, but will always put Toronto first. 🙂

Tonight they play each other. Golden State, along with the Cleveland Cavaliers, are the best in the league. But the Raptors have been bringing it this season, so far. It could be interesting. No….WILL BE interesting! 🙂


Also the Raptors have cooler graphics! 😛


Go Raptors Go! 😀



Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads!

Spent Thanksgiving weekend, last weekend, dirt biking in the mountains. Got a little rain…ok a LOT of rain….on the second night, and the next day was interesting in a mud boggy, gigantic deep puddles, sort of way! lol Saw a moose too! Bonus!



Gorgeous trail

Gorgeous trail! Leading up to the giant hill….

Did a lot of challenging stuff this trip. Ok..like we ever do easy, now. 😛 Sometimes it is easyish, or it seems so, after doing challenging trails! My definition of an easy trail has changed dramatically in the last couple of months, as my skills improve. Hills can still be difficult for me. Coming down is harder than going up, though! Did a gigantic hill that was mostly dirt, and few rocks, and it was surprisingly easier than a few of the smaller ones. Crossed a creek…no bridge there for whatever reason…never good to have to ride through creeks, but there was little choice… to get to a trail where we then parked, and hiked a bit to get to a ghost town site. Very worth it, as that was super cool! I rode on the back of hubby’s bike to cross it, ’cause I chickened out, lol, and that was scary enough! He rode my bike across, and the thing stalled in the middle! ACK! My little guy(ok, maybe not so little anymore, at almost 9!) also went across with his Dad. It was almost too deep for his bike. The other two are daredevils, and got across on their own. I couldn’t watch! I was the only one who didn’t get wet feet, though, princess that I am! haha! 😛

ghost town remnants

ghost town remnants

8 also fell over in a puddle and got totally soaked and muddy, and was laughing the whole time. Better than tears, thank goodness! Especially since we were out in the middle of nowhere and still a good 40 minutes away from the staging area. Poor guy! Mom, of course, thinks ahead, and had a change of clothes for him. I learn something every time we go, though. And one thing is to bring about 10 pairs of socks each, instead of 3! lol Muddy and wet socks were the order of the day…well, excepting mine of course! hehehe I would dry them, and the boots, overnight on the hotel furnace fan on cool. Don’t need a fire happening, after all. Smelled particularly wonderful in the room all night! Stinky boy feet! 😛 LMAO!
All in all, it was wonderful to get to go out again so late in the season! And a great way to spend Thanksgiving! 😀

Where we're going we don't need roads!

No roads here! Skinny rocky trail….

The Avengers Assemble for Mother’s Day!

Today, my middle son came up to me and said, “Mom, I think we should take you to see the new Avengers movie for Mother’s Day.” YES! Fabulous idea! 😀 He certainly has my number! lol

It opened last week, and we have yet to see it. Been too busy. It is maddening! Maybe the waiting a week will be better, anyway. I like to sit together, and I loathe a jam-packed theatre…idiots on their phones, people whispering/talking/crinkling packages. ugh!

I also am looking forward to seeing the homemade gifts they have made for me, but won’t show me yet. They are so cute. 🙂

So, even though it will be my first Mother’s Day without a mother anymore, they are determined to make it special for me. I have the best kids in the world. My very own sadness Avengers! 🙂 ❤

Getting Dirty

I am jumping into doing dirt biking this summer. Talked into it, because I hate being left out. Good thing I am a tomboy! lol I don’t mind getting dirty, and I like a good thrill! ;P  I will admit to being a bit nervous about it though. Starting it at my …ahem…”advanced age”… is a wee bit scary. I don’t want to go getting all hurt, and such. Plus I need to learn how to start it, run it, and ride it. eek!

I so love doing stuff with my boys, though. I started archery as an activity to do with them, and ended up loving it even more than they do! I worry for them on the bikes also, but then, I worry when they snowboard/ski too….

Life is too short to just sit in my house all the time. It isn’t horseback riding, which I would prefer, since I already know how to ride them, but there are some advantages in that the bike will be more predictable to ride, since it can’t think, and therefore get spooked, and it doesn’t need to be boarded and fed…unless you count putting gas in it as feeding. 😛 I think I am smart enough to figure it out…at least I hope so…I have never been good at driving manual transmission cars, so am a bit daunted by this prospect in a bike.

At least it will be nice, anyway, to get outside and play. We have some nice places to do this here. Great scenery. Do guys think of that when they head out, or is it just the chance for them to shatter the peace with the noise? lol

One of the things I worry about, too, are the idiots. Those guys who feel the need to show off how fast they can go, or how reckless they can be, without consideration for other riders. Plus there is also the fear of the drunk drivers. Guys going out to ride their bikes/ATVs after they have had a few beers in the truck beforehand. There will always be people like that. Always an idiot in the crowd, as it were. Hopefully we can find quiet, easy trails, on which to learn this new skill in peace. Without that extra stress…

At any rate, my boys think it is cool that I am willing to try this with them. Cool Mom…that’s me! 😛 More like Crazy Mom, maybe. haha

Out for a Stroll in SubZero Loveliness

Stroll. Yeah. Whew! hahaha!

Well, we didn’t end up going snowshoeing yesterday, as a blizzard rolled in, but today it was overcast, and not snowing anymore. We almost didn’t go today, either, as the temps had plummeted to around minus 22C…..just a wee bit cold to be out and about. 😛

But, after a little thought, coupled with a great desire to go, we bundled up in lots of layers, a good balaclava, toe and hand warmers(an ABSOLUTE MUST…those things are amazing!), and off we went anyway, thinking that if it was just too cold, we could always turn around.

This time we went to a favourite summer hiking spot, that features a lookout at the top. So a good steep incline was to be on the agenda, too! We ended up doing the whole 5KM loop, including the lookout, and it took around 4 hours. I was never cold! Not once! My eyelashes…as were everybody’s…frosted, but nobody felt the cold. We were exercising so hard, that even when we rested, the extreme cold never seeped in.

My stupid camera battery died, though, and I couldn’t take the pics I wanted to take….of a trail so breathtakingly beautiful, that one could only stare at it in absolute awe. Because of the snow storm the day before, the trees were heavy with it. And so tall were the trees…gigantic white sentinels! So quiet was the trail. So incredibly peaceful! While I don’t have my own pics because of my camera failure, I did find one that describes the scene fairly accurately…

It was SO nice. SO fun. SO tiring too! lol But that good kind of tiring….where at the end, when you finally sit, get warm, and relax, you feel so good, and also proud of yourself that you did such a trek. That you bonded with your kids, surrounded by the grandeur of nature, braved…and pretty much conquered….the cold, and did something so special, that it will live in memory long after it is over….

I shall sleep well tonight. 🙂

Fresh First Day.

We woke up early, and went on a 4 hour snowshoe trek through the woods. It was a bright, sunny day, today, with a “balmy” temp. of minus 1C. Even had to take my coat off! lol

Gorgeous mountain views, fragrant pines, lovely clear blue sky, and a sparkling snowscape. A very peaceful, and very fun way to spend the first day of the new year…..

Going again tomorrow.  🙂



I loved Archie comics when I was a kid. I remember spending my allowance partly on 45s(little records), and partly on the latest Archie Comics Digest. I still have a huge box filled with them, being that, even then, I compulsively hoarded books! 😛

What I did not know then, was that Archie began in the 40s! And how I know that now, is from reading the 1000 pager digests I bought for my sons. There are whole sections of the classic comics in them. VERY cool!

Amazingly, and I wish I had known this a few years ago, is that my boys love Archie comics as much as I ever did! I truly thought that they might be a “girl thing”. But no, and apparently mine are not alone, either. The series continues to evolve to keep up with the times, and appeals to both boys and girls. Talk about something that can quiet down the rowdiness fast! I bought the first one, after noticing that my oldest had picked it up in Wallymart and couldn’t seem to put it down. I decided to buy it for all three to share, and he carried it around the store the whole time reading it. Gone was the usual “out shopping with Mom, and we’re bored, so lets chase each other around” thing, of which he is the usual instigator. lol He continued to read it in the van the whole way home, and at home for another hour or so. WOW! That thing engrosses him, and my other two, like nothing ever has. So the quiet continues on long car trips, when they have to wait around anywhere we go, and when it is “time to settle down now” in the house after running around all day whooping it up. Like a “mute button” for children! Woo Hoo! hahaha!

Some people think comics are a waste of time, and that kids should mostly be reading chapter books when they read. All well and good for opinions. My oldest is the only one, so far, that can get engrossed in a chapter book. I bought him a Kindle for that reason. MY opinion is, however, that I am happy they are reading ANYTHING in this world of techy distractions. And Archie is clean. In a world full of continuous and constant smut and violence in nearly every form of entertainment. In a world that makes PG movies with the f-word in them. :-\

I ended up buying three 1000 pagers. To swap between each other. And I will buy more as easy birthday gifts. Plus, I actually like to read them too. And I can join in the chatter about the characters and stories, in yet more geekery bonding moments with my sons! lol

They bring back such good memories, and apparently, continue to make more…. 🙂