Cooking Up A Recipe Book

I have a project on the go, and it is a book of recipes for my sons…for when they fly the nest. I have a few years to finish it, thank goodness!

I have self published two books already, one of poetry and art, and one of photographs, so I decided that instead of just writing down my recipes, I would put them in a mini cookbook of sorts, including pictures. I have book making software from, and they turn out wonderfully.  It will be fun, I said to myself. hahaha.*she says, as if she has the extra time* 😛 When I make a dish, I try to remember to photograph it. Being busy, I often forget to do this, so the flipping book is taking forever! Anyway, I think it is also a good legacy thing of sorts, so I aim to finish the dang thing!

The boys have a few favourites, so those will be included, as well as a few cooking tips. I want them to be able to cook for themselves when they are grown, or impress a girlfriend with their culinary skills one day. 😉 lol

Today I am sharing one here at my blog, since I remembered to take a pic of my lunch today, and it turned out looking as good as it tasted!

I used penne today, but rotini works well, so does bowtie pasta or fusilli….

Recipe serves 2

2 cups pasta

1tbsp chopped sundried tomato

1tbsp real bacon bits

5-6 grape tomatoes, sliced in half, or quartered

2 tbsp chopped white onion

2 green onions, chopped

1 large stalk celery, chopped

1/2 tbsp butter or margarine

3  tbsp crumbly feta cheese

3-4 tbsp. Kraft classic herb salad dressing

dash of garlic salt

dash of pepper

Cook pasta until al dente.

Meanwhile, saute mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and bacon bits, garlic salt, & pepper in butter or margarine, until mushrooms are cooked.

Add mushroom mix to large bowl with rest of veggies.

Drain pasta and rinse with cool water. Add to veggie mix. Stir in salad dressing and feta cheese. Enjoy. 🙂

Easy Peasy. 😀 Would be good warm, too, methinks…

Pasta Salad with Feta

Sapphyreskye’s Pasta Salad with Feta


Welcome To The Sugar Shack

Welcome to Skye’s Sugar Shack. 😛

I had to make something for the school bake sale on Thursday. I always make my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They are easy, and delish, but this year I felt like making something completely different. So, the search commenced at my dessert board at Pinterest…oh. my. goodness. It is a REALLY good thing one cannot get fat from LOOKING at yummies!!!

*digressing now* I just HAVE to make Chocolate Italian Love Cake. hmmmm…Oh. my. heh

Chocolate Italian Love Cake….click pic for recipe link

But anyhow… I chose Cake Batter Sprinkle Fudge. I have made Cake Batter Cookies before, and have this inexplicable craving all the time for Cake Batter anything. mmmm…thinking right now of this wonderful cake batter salt water taffy I bought last summer….*snaps out of it to finish post* 😛

So, fudge. Oh yes. Super easy. No bake. Very few ingredients. Contains white chocolate!! Cuts neatly into sellable squares of loveliness. Perfect choice.

I made a double batch. You know….can’t give it ALL away to the school! 😉

It turned out so yummalicious!! Little squares of colorful, sugary decadence!

I have GOT to control myself! hahaha

Cake Batter & Sprinkles Fudge…click pic for recipe link

Power Smoothie

With little appetite over the last few months, I have been drinking a lot of my calories in the form of smoothies. When I wasn’t home, I had lunch and dinner at Booster Juice a lot. Since there isn’t one close to where I live, I made up my own blend. Lots of good stuff in them, and they keep me going when solid food holds little appeal for me. Thought I would share….why not.

I use a single serve mini blender, so I only know the ingredient amounts for one. Love that thing, btw. Just blend it, pull it off the base, stick a straw in it. Nice.

1/2 cup frozen superfruit berry blend

1 banana

1 single serve container of probiotic yogurt-any flavour will do, but peach/mango is super yummy in it!

about 1.5 cups of almond milk ( I am not sure of the amount because I just fill the thing 3/4 full with it. Probably a good guess though.)

1.5 tsp hemp seeds (for protein, omegas, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and energy!)

1tsp coconut sugar (or brown sugar would work, or honey, or none if you prefer, but I think it takes out the sourness from the berries a bit)

handful of fresh spinach

zap. done. enjoy.

I have one right now. 🙂

Not my pic, but I included the link to where I found it. Looks yummy!

Sweet Kale and Apple Yumminess

Eat Smart Apple & Kale Salad Mix…. very good. 🙂 So new, apparently, I can’t even find a pic to go with my story. Dang. It kind of looks like this salad, only with walnuts instead of pecans and dried apples instead of fresh ones(for the obvious reason that it is a pre-bagged salad mix)….

Anyway…had to share that. I am eating it right now. Yes, this is a shameless plug for something yummy that I did not invent or put much work into, unless opening a bag or two and tossing contents around counts as cooking. 😛

It looks and tastes like a salad you would get at a fancy shmancy restaurant. Dried apples, multicolored and green kale, broccoli, and other good-for-you stuff, candied walnuts, apple vinaigrette,….it also comes with bleu cheese crumbles, but I hate bleu cheese, so I put feta on it instead…so good. I could eat the whole bag myself, but, alas….I should not be piggy about it. My kids already like it, as they tried the tester out at Costco. I need to buy this every week, methinks. I am really liking kale lately….

The Nothingness and Everythingness about Quiet, Feel-Like-Cooking Days

I think I’ll make beef stew today. In the slow cooker. So the meat is extra tender when it is done. So it can marinate all the flavours together brilliantly. Good thing to make on a morning in what-should-be-Spring-but-looks-and-feels-like-February. And maybe I will make cookies today too, time given for it. For my little sweeties, who only have another half day before their Spring Break starts, because I love them to the end of our Universe, and all other Universes, then back again. I am thinking a double batch of oatmeal and something…oatmeal raisin for one batch, and milk chocolate/peanut butter chip for the other. One semi-healthyish, and one almost decadent. I need willpower when I make cookies, as to not eat six at a time, when they are fresh out of the oven! I can do it, though.  I never deprive myself of little joys in life, like cookies, and such. Just everything in moderation…. and a good workout every day if possible.

My world is quiet right this minute….mellow…And I like it. I savour it. I hold on to it, like a life-preserver of stability….


My iTunes Random Song Pick of the Day: ( I swear it reads my mind….)


A Birthday Every Day!

So, there I was, at Wallymart, buying good stuff like yogurt, and green onions, and on my way to the yogurt aisle, I have to pass the ice cream freezers. Ok, I don’t have to, technically speaking, but ya know…they are right there! hahaha!

I like to look in them. I usually talk myself out of buying any…but I look anyway…can’t gain weight by looking at it, after all! 😛

But then there was today. I was feeling weak about having a treat. I had just been to the blasted dentist yet again(so have sugar, skye, good plan! 😛 ), to get the other side of my mouth tortured, and was feeling like I deserved a treat. Still had no real solid intentions beyond maybe a small bite of chocolate, or something. Then I saw it. Lo and behold! What is this vision? Oh, it can’t be! I have been waiting FOREVER to find it in the store! I have been on a anything-that-tastes-like-cake-batter kick for a few months now. And there it was!!

I had birthday cake ice cream at an ice cream shop last summer, but couldn’t find any in the store. I think it might even be better than *gasp* *can’t believe I am saying it* chocolate….plain chocolate anyway…. 😛

So, yeah…. I broke down. I gave into the sinister dark side that is the ice cream section. “Come to the Dark Side, we have Birthday Cake Ice Cream!” OK, then. lol

I did, to my credit, only have a wee bit of it. So, I DO NOT feel any guilt! As a bonus, it delighted the heck out of the boys, too, when they found out I had it! 😀




Tea Please

Ah, tea…it is an ancient magical potion filled with powers able to soothe, to relax, to rejuvenate…

Ancient Beauty Tea

Ancient Beauty Tea

The morning starter drink(unless you like coffee, bleh! lol) that settles the mind for the day ahead. The midday need-a-break drink, and the nighttime stress reliever….

It is comfort in a cup, a warm niceness, an anxiety soother, and a companion to a good book….

Such variety, such perfection, in tiny leaves of wonderfulness. It can be robust, it can be subtle…. strong, or light….good hot, or ice cold. Lukewarm even….

Black, green, white, red and herbal…. to help colds, to help nerves, to give clarity, to wake up the taste buds while relaxing the mind. Health benefits abound….

Romero Britto Teapot

Romero Britto Teapot

Teapots are fun. Colorful, imaginative, or both….

No dainty tea cup for me though….I like mine in a big sturdy cup, so I can wrap my hands around it, and soak up the warmth. Sip, sip, sip….pinky down. 😀

Captain Picard mug

Captain Picard mug