Freaky Freakin’ Book!


“Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch is one of the most mind bendy books I have read to date. I love parallel universe stories, and this one is delivering on the “makes you ponder your existence” thing. 😛

First of all, I am writing this and have not finished the book yet! lol I just feel compelled to talk about it today.

It is giving me weird dreams. Bizarro, freaky, weird dreams! I kinda like that, though. haha

It explores the theory of the multiverse, in a geeky way, and also a way that is understandable… I think so, anyway. 😛 It is like pondering what is beyond the Universe…just mind boggling to think about a new “branch” or new world being created every time we make a choice. When we don’t take a job, when we decide to get married, have children, cross the street, eat broccoli over asparagus one night, etc. etc. In some other alternate world, we chose the other thing, and life goes in a different direction. Every. little. thing. Infinite. EEK! It is so mind-bendy, but sooooo interesting too! It makes for a great story!

I have not finished it yet, like I said (I am about 75% or so into it), but things are getting super weirder now. They were bizarre before, but now…whole other level! haha It is a page turner, and keeps me up reading until I can’t keep my eyes open. Great for that middle of the night insomnia I get these days too…although my early morning dreams seem prone to be the strangest I ever have! The other night  I had a dream where I was trapped in a building, just trying to find the exit to get back to my family, and every staircase I took led to the same floor. Not exactly what happens in the book, but nevertheless, totally influenced by it! hahaha

Blake Crouch is also the author of the “Wayward Pines” trilogy, which also, btw, are great page-turny, mind bendy reads. I highly recommend the BOOKS, and not the TV show made from them. It did not capture my attention, and was not nearly as good. Deviated too much from the books, IMO. Blake is definitely one of my current favourite authors, and I will likely devour any book he writes from now on. 😀


wayward  last-town


The Wanderer

My muse awakens…. 🙂


The road stretches forward through the hazy day. The dusty rose and golden sky a backdrop for the hundreds of pink and white trees surrounding, and lining the pathway before me. A dream, hence, but is it? A present in an unknown realm? Past converging on an origin point in my own Universe of imagination…or a memory? I wander upon the heavily trodden dirt path, which weaves through a grassy meadow. The grass…a subdued green, a green of vintage photographs…is short and soft, and inviting for me to sit upon, and rest, while the journey of unknown experiences awaits in either direction. Birds melodically sing, and a soft, warm breeze ruffles my hair, and caresses my skin. The air is sweetly scented, heady and pleasant. Fluffy white clouds float lazily by… shapes created out of mythical imagination…setting the scene of dreamy surrealism. I walk for miles, but the road does not end. The atmosphere does not change. The treed scene envelops me, and beckons to me to return night after night. Draws me into that world…is it the gateway which leads to all my other places in dreamland? They feel so similar, though time seems different. Where is this place? When is this time? Why is it so familiar, even though it is not? Time shifts, worlds move in unison, as well as independently. I am a wanderer, but I belong here….

©WD(sapphyreskye) March 31, 2014