Time Trippin’ Playlist

I finished a new playlist at 8tracks.com, that spans 55 years! Starts in 1961 and ends up in 2016. 🙂


Flipping To The B-Side

Recently we have been cleaning out our attic space, and in the process have been taking quite a few memory lane walks. One such walk has involved finding my old turntable, and giant box of LPs and 45s. If you are too young to know what I mean, google it. lol

Anyway, last Friday we hooked up the old thing to its speakers(which barely work, but still do somewhat), and started going through the old albums. Faves of mine are my two original Rolling Stones full albums, one from 1966, and the other from 1969. Plus the piles of 45 singles, ranging in years from about 1969- the mid eighties. My very first 45s were given to me by my teenage babysitter when I was 6… The Who’s “I’m Free”, and The Stone’s “Honky Tonk Woman”. Both are in sorry shape, but still play without skipping. The grooving and spontaneous dancing commenced! It was very fun!


There was something so visceral about the “vinyl years”. The cover art for the album, the flipping through the stack to find the one you feel like listening to. Going to the record store in anticipation of buying it. The pulling of the album carefully from its inner sleeve, carefully only handling it by the edges, to place it gently on the turntable. Dropping the needle gently into the grooves. Then comes the “tone” before the song starts. That moment of anticipation…

Still kind of sucks to have to get up to skip a song you don’t like, or to flip the thing over, but that, too, is all part of the physical experience of sitting around playing the tunes. And when we were spinning the old discs last weekend, I wasn’t bothered at all. I missed it in a weird sort of way. Enough that I declared that I wanted a new portable turntable for Christmas this year. Oddly enough, vinyl is hot again, and stores are popping up in the city, which sell or trade old records…never mind the Internet has EVERYTHING! haha.
Plus you can actually go out and buy a new turntable. Fitted with USB ports and other new fangled features which let you transfer your old vinyl LPs to your iPod. Meh. To me, that just defeats the purpose of playing the record! I can buy them all digitally, for better sound, if I wanted to do that. To me, spinning vinyl is about the tangible experience, not bumping everything over to play in the car. It is about sitting in the living room, or wherever the turntable is, having a moment with the album covers while the tunes play. Needless to say, that feature doesn’t interest me.

So now, my quest is on to find some nice original albums for my collection. Not freshly pressed. I’m all about the vintage sound…even if it includes the odd scratchiness to it….  🙂




Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads!

Spent Thanksgiving weekend, last weekend, dirt biking in the mountains. Got a little rain…ok a LOT of rain….on the second night, and the next day was interesting in a mud boggy, gigantic deep puddles, sort of way! lol Saw a moose too! Bonus!



Gorgeous trail

Gorgeous trail! Leading up to the giant hill….

Did a lot of challenging stuff this trip. Ok..like we ever do easy, now. 😛 Sometimes it is easyish, or it seems so, after doing challenging trails! My definition of an easy trail has changed dramatically in the last couple of months, as my skills improve. Hills can still be difficult for me. Coming down is harder than going up, though! Did a gigantic hill that was mostly dirt, and few rocks, and it was surprisingly easier than a few of the smaller ones. Crossed a creek…no bridge there for whatever reason…never good to have to ride through creeks, but there was little choice… to get to a trail where we then parked, and hiked a bit to get to a ghost town site. Very worth it, as that was super cool! I rode on the back of hubby’s bike to cross it, ’cause I chickened out, lol, and that was scary enough! He rode my bike across, and the thing stalled in the middle! ACK! My little guy(ok, maybe not so little anymore, at almost 9!) also went across with his Dad. It was almost too deep for his bike. The other two are daredevils, and got across on their own. I couldn’t watch! I was the only one who didn’t get wet feet, though, princess that I am! haha! 😛

ghost town remnants

ghost town remnants

8 also fell over in a puddle and got totally soaked and muddy, and was laughing the whole time. Better than tears, thank goodness! Especially since we were out in the middle of nowhere and still a good 40 minutes away from the staging area. Poor guy! Mom, of course, thinks ahead, and had a change of clothes for him. I learn something every time we go, though. And one thing is to bring about 10 pairs of socks each, instead of 3! lol Muddy and wet socks were the order of the day…well, excepting mine of course! hehehe I would dry them, and the boots, overnight on the hotel furnace fan on cool. Don’t need a fire happening, after all. Smelled particularly wonderful in the room all night! Stinky boy feet! 😛 LMAO!
All in all, it was wonderful to get to go out again so late in the season! And a great way to spend Thanksgiving! 😀

Where we're going we don't need roads!

No roads here! Skinny rocky trail….

Riding My Rocket

I love my dirt bike! Now that I know what I am doing, and can ride nearly every kind of terrain on it, it is more fun than stressful. I’m no daredevil however. I do have some sense! 😛 Once in a while my 12 year old has to come to my rescue if I am not comfortable with a spot on the trail, like huge deep puddles where the only way around is through a narrow channel of deep mud, or through the puddle while hoping it isn’t soft on the bottom! Or giant hills with lots of rocks, or channels…up or down them. Meh. I have no shame in asking for his assistance. Ok…it is a wee bit embarrassing…but I am a big chicken about pain! hahaha He has no fear, and is a chivalrous sort. ❤ 🙂
I love the straight & flat-ish areas for fulfilling my need for speed…woo hoooo! :D, and I like the challenge of the trails through the trees with their dips, puddles, and small hills, which are a rush all their own, and give me a feeling of accomplishment when I dare to do them, and succeed. Getting muddy is half the fun too! I always still have the cleanest bike of the bunch, though. Which they delight in telling me so. Little smarty pants dirt monkeys! lol

IMG_20150913_104925 IMG_20150913_111731
I never thought I would love doing it as much as it turns out that I do! Can’t wait to go again….

IMG_20150913_111750 IMG_20150830_163851

Special Rocks

On our last camping trip, there is a lake which has a rock beach. No sand at all, just rocks. From the tiniest of pebbles, to larger almost boulder sized. All colors too. I am always on the hunt for really unusual ones, or really pretty ones, or ones that combine the two characteristics. 🙂

I especially love finding heart shaped rocks! Good luck to find them too, in a “rock sea” of millions! My little guy is really good at spotting them, and other unusual rocks. He likes to look in the water near shore because, when wet, the colors really stand out. He gives them to me because he knows I collect them. Little Sweetiepie he is! ❤

I found 6 heart shaped rocks this trip…or they found me! 😀

I especially love these special rocks, which he found in the lake…:)


arrowhead rock, and alien face rock!


I heart this rock! 🙂

Then there was the lichen in the shape of a heart on a lichen covered larger rock….at a different lake…

I am

I am “lichen” this rock! ;P

I also like to draw on rocks with other rocks. It rubs or washes off, so it isn’t permanent. I write on them, or draw little pictures, photograph it, then leave them there for others to find…and to hopefully get a smile from when they find them! 🙂

'I love art' heart rock. :)

‘I love art’ heart rock. 🙂

Making smiles...hopefully!

Making smiles…hopefully!


I might make jewelry out of some of the smaller rocks I found. There are a few that are stunning in their colors, or textures. One of my faves is a reddish one that is perfectly round like a marble….or…a planet. A small planet in a rock universe. ;D