I Am Honoured To Be Considered Versatile!

I woke up this morning to find out that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award! Thanks to Lydia Devadason whose lovely blog is http://lydiadevadason.wordpress.com/  for nominating me! Technically I have been here since June of 2010, but took a 3 year hiatus from my blog. I have only just very recently started back up again, so this award means a lot to me! 🙂

Because I accept this nomination I need to tell of 7 random things about myself. Prepare to be dazzled. 😛 hahahaha!

1. In elementary school, I was fortunate once, to hold a tiger cub, and a lion cub. There was this man who went to schools to teach us about wild animals, I think. I don’t remember exactly as it was a few years ago! 😛 I just remember the animals, which also included a huge white boa constrictor, that felt like silk to the touch. Tigers are my favourite animal, though, so holding one was one of the biggest thrills of my life!

2. I used to work as a graphic artist for a TV station, 20+ years ago. Fun job, in and of itself, but one day, as I was filling in doing studio camera for the local talk show, I had another tiger encounter. Of all places, in a TV studio! One of the guests had brought her “pet” tiger along, and it wasn’t caged, or tethered….just allowed to roam around like a curious house cat. It came up to me while I was on camera, looked at me in the eye, and brushed against my leg, so I stroked her head and back as she proceeded by me. That was even MORE thrilling than the first tiger encounter, as she was full grown, and very big…with very big teeth and claws! Sweet thing though, thankfully! I still get goosebumps about that encounter! 🙂

3. I have a name that sounds out exactly how it is spelled, but people mispronounce it 9 times out of 10, anyway, even after I correct them, and it drives me crazy!

4. I ponder strange things as I try to fall asleep…like what my double is up to in the parallel universe! lol It is no wonder I have interesting and bizarre dreams, nearly every night!

5. If it is not on me, or jumping at me, and there is an exit close by, I will set a spider free rather than crush it, even though I am scared of them. If it is on me, well, I consider it a snap reaction self defence move if I happen to do it in. Then I feel bad. 😛

6. I have self-published an art/poetry book, and also a book of some of my photography. My boys help illustrate the first one. I wanted them to have a “legacy item” or two from me. 🙂

7. I would love to collect vintage guitars and/or classic vehicles someday… you know… after my big lottery win! hahaha!

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btw….click on the pic to follow a link to the versatile blogger award page.