Music, art, movies, books, my sons, sci-fi, science, history, dreams/surrealism, nature, superheroes, other geeky stuff, and about a billion other things in the Universe inspire me. To ramble, to write, to create. My muse awakens….

I am a former graphic artist, now jewelry artisan, painter, occasional poet, music addict, and mom to 3 wonderful boys. I am a kid at heart, a self-admitted nerdy girl, and I believe that life is too short not to appreciate the little joys in life. Too short not to have fun, and go exploring! To see the beauty in the ordinary. To find the humour in the mundane. Plus I just love to ramble! 🙂

My blog here is a place where I post about things that interest me, fascinate me, groove me, baffle me, make me laugh, make me think, make my day…. I have a very eclectic mind! Enjoy! 😀




© Any unauthorized use or/and duplication (in any shape or form) of the original material found within this blog without written permission of the author is strictly prohibited. Forwards and links are permitted, so long as credit is given to the author as well as specific links to this blog. Thank you very much for your consideration.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tangerine Dreams,
    I love people who love to read. I love books–well, I love well written books. I live to get caught up in the story and lose track of time.
    So, I have a invitation for you and the invitation is this — I have a recently completed short story,
    ‘Breakfast is Severed’ which follows a man through a changing world after the life he knows is ripped away. America is in upheaval in the wake of a global food shortage. He learns, all too quickly, how we are all part of a precariously balanced community and when the balance is lost; society is devoured by the chaos of desperation.
    I would love for Sapphyreskye to follow David Cameron as he tries to survive this new hell.
    My story is available (free) in multiple formats via http://hotpepperpublishing.weebly.com/
    Have at it.

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