My paintings are where I go when the world gets too heavy to breathe in. When anxiety threatens my well being. The world is such a dark, insane place lately. Full of turmoil, tragedy, and stupidity. Seeking out joy through color and creative expression is how I cope…


There is a warm breeze blowing

Softly through my hair

As I cross the threshold into that other world…

The air is clear,

The sky is bright

Painted a vibrant shade

Of cerulean

Subtle lavender, pink and orange

Kiss the fluffy clouds…

Soft grasses caress my bare feet

As I walk toward the cottage

The happy cottage

On the verdant hill,

Surrounded by wild flowers,

And majestic trees…

Sweet music plays

A peaceful melody

Of laughter, and smiles

And love ever after

Sitting in silence

and quiet grace

I ponder this life

and in it, my place…

The radiant glow

that surrounds this world

Is healing and magical

And lifts me high

On golden wings

To a state

Of blissful serenity…

©sapphyreskye(WD) December 2010

A Fine Day on Vega 7

” A Fine Day on Vega 7″ ©WD 2016 4″x4″


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