My paintings are where I go when the world gets too heavy to breathe in. When anxiety threatens my well being. The world is such a dark, insane place lately. Full of turmoil, tragedy, and stupidity. Seeking out joy through color and creative expression is how I cope…


There is a warm breeze blowing

Softly through my hair

As I cross the threshold into that other world…

The air is clear,

The sky is bright

Painted a vibrant shade

Of cerulean

Subtle lavender, pink and orange

Kiss the fluffy clouds…

Soft grasses caress my bare feet

As I walk toward the cottage

The happy cottage

On the verdant hill,

Surrounded by wild flowers,

And majestic trees…

Sweet music plays

A peaceful melody

Of laughter, and smiles

And love ever after

Sitting in silence

and quiet grace

I ponder this life

and in it, my place…

The radiant glow

that surrounds this world

Is healing and magical

And lifts me high

On golden wings

To a state

Of blissful serenity…

©sapphyreskye(WD) December 2010

A Fine Day on Vega 7

” A Fine Day on Vega 7″ ©WD 2016 4″x4″


Made my baby a onesie!

So, my new fur baby just turned one, and her puppy fur was mixing with her adult doggie fur to make one big matted mess!


Are you in there, Melody? hahaha

Time to go to the groomer! When I picked her up, the groomer showed me how her coat came off almost in one piece! Asked me if I wanted it…so, being the weird one that I am…thinking that I might do some kind of textile art with it 😛 …. I took it home. lol


wow! where is my dog? 😛

So, this was in February, and we had a cold snap. It is STILL winter here, btw…never-ending now, it seems. Might as well be Siberia! Sheesh!

She gets cold easily anyway, because of being so little(under 6 pounds!), and now she was virtually naked because the matting was so bad, and the groomer had to shave it really short all over….


Nakey pup!

Well, I had a little sweater for her, and that was somewhat ok…but it left her whole hind end exposed though, so she still shivered All. The. Time. I took it upon myself to go looking for doggie onesies…as they cover all legs and the whole of their bodies. Couldn’t find one in any stores near me, of course. Seriously? It’s Canada…pet stores should stock them! Argh!


Sweet baby! ❤

Next, I went online, and found handmade ones…for exorbitant prices, of course. And I appreciate handmade, so I get that. But still…too much for me! Then I thought..I could totally make one myself! I’m somewhat crafty, after all! 😉 I had made a few Halloween costumes in my time, so wasn’t a stranger to sewing….check this one out…off topic but  I’m proud of myself! 😀 It is a Thorin Oakenshield costume from ” The Hobbit” I made in 2014. Took 6 weeks!

IMG_7117 copy

“Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold.” 😀

Anyway…. back to doggie onesies…

I found some fabulous polar fleece fabric, bought a pattern at Etsy, and just made the thing. It turned out awesome! She is warm now, and is looking super stylish! 😀

I’m thinking I will make a couple more now for variety!


Rockin’ my homemade onesie!  Thanks Mum! ❤