Listen To The Music

I’ve been playing DJ at It is a nice distraction. I joined it forever ago, to listen, but just never sat down and made my own playlists, until recently. I just started by making playlists I would want to listen to while doing housework, or lounging, or painting. Music always helps me cope with things, and it was a good distraction to sit and make playlists full of music I could share with others. I made them when I was going through my terrible July this year. My favourite of my six, so far, is my 25 year Super Mix: 1990-2015. It embodies my love for  90s rock,  and folk/indie/alternative….bringing back memories with the older songs and making new memories with the more current ones. It recently went Gold at 8tracks, which is awesome because sharing music with others, and having them like it is amazing! Music bonds people. Even though that site is not really a social networking sort of thing…other than being able to leave comments like here at WP….it connects people just by bringing music to their lives. By discovering something new, or taking a memory lane walk. I love to browse the playlists others have created as well….for the same reason. 🙂

What is extra awesome is that I get to embed the whole thing right here in my blog! 😀