Living Aloha

I love Hawaii. I love the beach, playing in the ocean, the heat, exploring funky little towns, and nature trails with rainbow Eucalyptus trees, seeing amazing things like volcano craters, winding gorgeous drives, enjoying shave ice on a hot day, the gorgeous scenery, hibiscus everywhere, the food, the scents, Shaka signing, tropical drinks, the laid back vibe….

I also loved the environmentally consciousness of the islands we visited…utilizing solar panels, wind power, heavy into recycling, and energy conservation, plus the banning of plastic bags at stores, and banning billboards.

I came across so many little signs, and even some graffiti with positive messages… about loving one another, about slowing your pace, about smiling, and about living aloha….which I understood to mean living life with joy and love in your heart, with respect for each other and nature, and random acts of kindness.

I took Living Aloha to heart, and think it is a positive, and wonderful way to try and live life. I bought a “Live Aloha” fridge magnet to remind me everyday to slow down, chill out, and get back in touch with how it made me feel when practicing it in Hawaii…because when you are there, it is hard not to.

I found a great article, about living aloha. Worth the read….

aloha 🙂

live aloha


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