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The Stella Girls

For the last couple of weeks I have binged watched the tv series “Nashville”on Netflix. I am not usually a huge country music fan, and some of the tunes on the show aren’t my cup of tea, but I went in with an open mind, and surprisingly heard quite a few that I liked. Albeit they were tunes leaning more in the direction of the Lumineers(and one actual Lumineers song covered brilliantly), than anything. I loathe country pop, for instance…getting that out there right now. Just…why? Why do that to it? I will never understand. Rock and country go together, but pop, rap or hip hop with country? Just no.

Anyway…this post is about two wonderful artists, of whom I discovered whilst watching this show. Who I otherwise may not have ever stumbled upon….but maybe I would have, since I often go looking. 😛

Lennon and Maisy Stella are Canadian born girls, now 16 and 12….whose parents are also musicians…The Stellas. They are amazingly talented… so I’m sharing. 🙂