Special Rocks

On our last camping trip, there is a lake which has a rock beach. No sand at all, just rocks. From the tiniest of pebbles, to larger almost boulder sized. All colors too. I am always on the hunt for really unusual ones, or really pretty ones, or ones that combine the two characteristics. 🙂

I especially love finding heart shaped rocks! Good luck to find them too, in a “rock sea” of millions! My little guy is really good at spotting them, and other unusual rocks. He likes to look in the water near shore because, when wet, the colors really stand out. He gives them to me because he knows I collect them. Little Sweetiepie he is! ❤

I found 6 heart shaped rocks this trip…or they found me! 😀

I especially love these special rocks, which he found in the lake…:)


arrowhead rock, and alien face rock!


I heart this rock! 🙂

Then there was the lichen in the shape of a heart on a lichen covered larger rock….at a different lake…

I am

I am “lichen” this rock! ;P

I also like to draw on rocks with other rocks. It rubs or washes off, so it isn’t permanent. I write on them, or draw little pictures, photograph it, then leave them there for others to find…and to hopefully get a smile from when they find them! 🙂

'I love art' heart rock. :)

‘I love art’ heart rock. 🙂

Making smiles...hopefully!

Making smiles…hopefully!


I might make jewelry out of some of the smaller rocks I found. There are a few that are stunning in their colors, or textures. One of my faves is a reddish one that is perfectly round like a marble….or…a planet. A small planet in a rock universe. ;D


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