Newest Midlife Thrill…

I think I might be forming an attachment to my dirt bike. I was leaving to go get groceries, and I had to walk past it in the garage. It was like it whispered to me…”psst. Come over here. You know you want to just start me, and rev my engine.” lol

Yes, I was feeling this weird compulsion to practice starting it, now that I have learned the proper way to do it. And I admit it…I kind of get a thrill out of revving that engine. I think I may have a slightly adventurous wild streak in me….which is simultaneously exhilarates me and scares me. I have been having dreams about it too. I think there might be a “midlife-wanna-do-new-things” element to this weird attatchment to my bike. I never would have thought of riding one in my 30s! Hmmm. Food for thought…

I finally got on the thing last night…to ride it! Albeit only in first gear in circles around the backyard, but I did it! And it felt good! It is really zippy, though, and I found I had to really concentrate on not giving it to much throttle too fast, or it kind of lurches forward. :S Too little throttle and it will stall. Then there is understanding the clutch. I do, basically, but learning how to shift into 2nd and up will require practice. I keep having trouble finding neutral when I stop. There is no gauge telling you what gear you are in. Hopefully, after lots of practice, it will become second nature. After getting comfy riding and shifting, I next need to learn how to stand while riding…for going over bumps, dips, etc. eek.

All in all, it is fun, so far. 🙂 Plus, I also love how my white cycle boots look and feel like Stormtrooper boots, and a company called Thor makes them! Just maybe meant to be for geek grrl me. 😉 lol


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