Getting Dirty

I am jumping into doing dirt biking this summer. Talked into it, because I hate being left out. Good thing I am a tomboy! lol I don’t mind getting dirty, and I like a good thrill! ;P  I will admit to being a bit nervous about it though. Starting it at my …ahem…”advanced age”… is a wee bit scary. I don’t want to go getting all hurt, and such. Plus I need to learn how to start it, run it, and ride it. eek!

I so love doing stuff with my boys, though. I started archery as an activity to do with them, and ended up loving it even more than they do! I worry for them on the bikes also, but then, I worry when they snowboard/ski too….

Life is too short to just sit in my house all the time. It isn’t horseback riding, which I would prefer, since I already know how to ride them, but there are some advantages in that the bike will be more predictable to ride, since it can’t think, and therefore get spooked, and it doesn’t need to be boarded and fed…unless you count putting gas in it as feeding. 😛 I think I am smart enough to figure it out…at least I hope so…I have never been good at driving manual transmission cars, so am a bit daunted by this prospect in a bike.

At least it will be nice, anyway, to get outside and play. We have some nice places to do this here. Great scenery. Do guys think of that when they head out, or is it just the chance for them to shatter the peace with the noise? lol

One of the things I worry about, too, are the idiots. Those guys who feel the need to show off how fast they can go, or how reckless they can be, without consideration for other riders. Plus there is also the fear of the drunk drivers. Guys going out to ride their bikes/ATVs after they have had a few beers in the truck beforehand. There will always be people like that. Always an idiot in the crowd, as it were. Hopefully we can find quiet, easy trails, on which to learn this new skill in peace. Without that extra stress…

At any rate, my boys think it is cool that I am willing to try this with them. Cool Mom…that’s me! 😛 More like Crazy Mom, maybe. haha


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