deja vu

Reconnecting with old friends. I needed that. 🙂 I get to feeling so isolated, and what is weird is that I was just thinking, the very morning that I found out, about how much I missed the camaraderie. I haven’t been able to find it again anywhere else. Being that particular side of myself again. Being des. oh wait. I am here too, just called a different someone. ;P

But here, I feel like I am on my own little, somewhat secluded, island, where I talk largely to myself. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it frustrates me. Today, I reconnected. With old friends, with old memories, with myself in some ways….

Such deja vu. But now it is a fresh new landscape in other ways….this time coming with a manual of past experience, as a guide….

Yeah, I’m a cryptic sort. 😉 heh.


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