Staring Out The Window at the Quiet Scene Before Me….

Ok, not really at the moment, because it is quite dark already, :P, but I write these random song posts as I listen to the song, and doing that inspired the title. It has a dreamlike, thoughtful quality to it, and it is one of my all-time favourite songs. Poetic, I guess. Like my spirit….

oooo…the UToobe sidebar produced a Game of Thrones (of which, I am still EXTREMELY addicted) montage to this song, including the Late Lament at the end….extra awesome! 🙂


Out for a Stroll in SubZero Loveliness

Stroll. Yeah. Whew! hahaha!

Well, we didn’t end up going snowshoeing yesterday, as a blizzard rolled in, but today it was overcast, and not snowing anymore. We almost didn’t go today, either, as the temps had plummeted to around minus 22C…..just a wee bit cold to be out and about. 😛

But, after a little thought, coupled with a great desire to go, we bundled up in lots of layers, a good balaclava, toe and hand warmers(an ABSOLUTE MUST…those things are amazing!), and off we went anyway, thinking that if it was just too cold, we could always turn around.

This time we went to a favourite summer hiking spot, that features a lookout at the top. So a good steep incline was to be on the agenda, too! We ended up doing the whole 5KM loop, including the lookout, and it took around 4 hours. I was never cold! Not once! My eyelashes…as were everybody’s…frosted, but nobody felt the cold. We were exercising so hard, that even when we rested, the extreme cold never seeped in.

My stupid camera battery died, though, and I couldn’t take the pics I wanted to take….of a trail so breathtakingly beautiful, that one could only stare at it in absolute awe. Because of the snow storm the day before, the trees were heavy with it. And so tall were the trees…gigantic white sentinels! So quiet was the trail. So incredibly peaceful! While I don’t have my own pics because of my camera failure, I did find one that describes the scene fairly accurately…

It was SO nice. SO fun. SO tiring too! lol But that good kind of tiring….where at the end, when you finally sit, get warm, and relax, you feel so good, and also proud of yourself that you did such a trek. That you bonded with your kids, surrounded by the grandeur of nature, braved…and pretty much conquered….the cold, and did something so special, that it will live in memory long after it is over….

I shall sleep well tonight. 🙂

Fresh First Day.

We woke up early, and went on a 4 hour snowshoe trek through the woods. It was a bright, sunny day, today, with a “balmy” temp. of minus 1C. Even had to take my coat off! lol

Gorgeous mountain views, fragrant pines, lovely clear blue sky, and a sparkling snowscape. A very peaceful, and very fun way to spend the first day of the new year…..

Going again tomorrow.  🙂