I Love That Song. I Really Love That Song….

My best prezzie this year….. Bose over ear Headphones. So clear. Such perfectly wonderful sound! So noise blocking! woot!

I asked Santa for them because every time we take a trip, and I am not the one driving, the boys always want to tune the radio to horrid mainstream pop crapola, such as Iggy Azalea(picked her, because she? is one of the ones I loathe the most), and the like…yuckity, makes-my-ears-bleed, feel-the-brain-cells-dying, non-musical-wailing-instead-of-singing, all sounds-the-same-and-unoriginal-fakey-and-extremely annoying…NOiSE. Yeah, I kinda hate it a wee bit. 😛 lol So, anyway, I keep ear buds in the vehicles, and always have the ‘pod’ with me, so I can TRY to tune it all out, but, alas, unless I jack the volume up full blast, and risk early deafness, it won’t drown it out. Until now! Moooohahahahaha! (my little guy’s eevil laugh). Soooo Awesome! Now we are all happy.

I have been using them around the house now, too, though. When I cook dinner, do laundry, do chores, paint, sketch, sit around and stare into space….

They are perfect for just getting lost in groovalicious la la land for a little while each day. Which I usually desperately need.

I Love That Song. I Really Love That Song…

*insert Big Canadian Sound here* 🙂

Happy New Year 🙂


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