Welcome To The Sugar Shack

Welcome to Skye’s Sugar Shack. 😛

I had to make something for the school bake sale on Thursday. I always make my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They are easy, and delish, but this year I felt like making something completely different. So, the search commenced at my dessert board at Pinterest…oh. my. goodness. It is a REALLY good thing one cannot get fat from LOOKING at yummies!!!

*digressing now* I just HAVE to make Chocolate Italian Love Cake. hmmmm…Oh. my. heh

Chocolate Italian Love Cake….click pic for recipe link

But anyhow… I chose Cake Batter Sprinkle Fudge. I have made Cake Batter Cookies before, and have this inexplicable craving all the time for Cake Batter anything. mmmm…thinking right now of this wonderful cake batter salt water taffy I bought last summer….*snaps out of it to finish post* 😛

So, fudge. Oh yes. Super easy. No bake. Very few ingredients. Contains white chocolate!! Cuts neatly into sellable squares of loveliness. Perfect choice.

I made a double batch. You know….can’t give it ALL away to the school! 😉

It turned out so yummalicious!! Little squares of colorful, sugary decadence!

I have GOT to control myself! hahaha

Cake Batter & Sprinkles Fudge…click pic for recipe link


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