Where Did My Wrinkles Go?

I have this gardenia body spray. Whenever I put it on, and get a whiff, I am struck by how powerfully I am instantly transported to being about 17 again. I wore a gardenia scented perfume everyday back then, and this stuff smells EXACTLY like it. It is like… WHOOOSH…. I flew through the wormhole again! 😀

Same with music. I was sitting with my sketchbook tonight, plugged into my groovalicious “pod”, and had it set to shuffle through my entire, massive catalogue of songs. In true spooky fashion, as it often seems to do, it read my mind, sensed my mood, and kept choosing songs from my teens/young adulthood. And I was again transported….

It is the summer of 1986. I am driving on a highway through the mountains in Montana, in my little blue Nissan Pulsar. The sunroof is out. The warm, soft, pine-scented breeze is ruffling my very layered hair. The stereo is blasting one of my many mixed cassette tapes(one of my favourite things to make, and I still do it, only now they are playlists or CDs of course 😛 ). I am 20. I feel good. Life is good….carefree….

And I danced….

And I sang away….


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