I Love That Song. I Really Love That Song….

My best prezzie this year….. Bose over ear Headphones. So clear. Such perfectly wonderful sound! So noise blocking! woot!

I asked Santa for them because every time we take a trip, and I am not the one driving, the boys always want to tune the radio to horrid mainstream pop crapola, such as Iggy Azalea(picked her, because she? is one of the ones I loathe the most), and the like…yuckity, makes-my-ears-bleed, feel-the-brain-cells-dying, non-musical-wailing-instead-of-singing, all sounds-the-same-and-unoriginal-fakey-and-extremely annoying…NOiSE. Yeah, I kinda hate it a wee bit. 😛 lol So, anyway, I keep ear buds in the vehicles, and always have the ‘pod’ with me, so I can TRY to tune it all out, but, alas, unless I jack the volume up full blast, and risk early deafness, it won’t drown it out. Until now! Moooohahahahaha! (my little guy’s eevil laugh). Soooo Awesome! Now we are all happy.

I have been using them around the house now, too, though. When I cook dinner, do laundry, do chores, paint, sketch, sit around and stare into space….

They are perfect for just getting lost in groovalicious la la land for a little while each day. Which I usually desperately need.

I Love That Song. I Really Love That Song…

*insert Big Canadian Sound here* 🙂

Happy New Year 🙂


Cooking Up A Recipe Book

I have a project on the go, and it is a book of recipes for my sons…for when they fly the nest. I have a few years to finish it, thank goodness!

I have self published two books already, one of poetry and art, and one of photographs, so I decided that instead of just writing down my recipes, I would put them in a mini cookbook of sorts, including pictures. I have book making software from Blurb.com, and they turn out wonderfully.  It will be fun, I said to myself. hahaha.*she says, as if she has the extra time* 😛 When I make a dish, I try to remember to photograph it. Being busy, I often forget to do this, so the flipping book is taking forever! Anyway, I think it is also a good legacy thing of sorts, so I aim to finish the dang thing!

The boys have a few favourites, so those will be included, as well as a few cooking tips. I want them to be able to cook for themselves when they are grown, or impress a girlfriend with their culinary skills one day. 😉 lol

Today I am sharing one here at my blog, since I remembered to take a pic of my lunch today, and it turned out looking as good as it tasted!

I used penne today, but rotini works well, so does bowtie pasta or fusilli….

Recipe serves 2

2 cups pasta

1tbsp chopped sundried tomato

1tbsp real bacon bits

5-6 grape tomatoes, sliced in half, or quartered

2 tbsp chopped white onion

2 green onions, chopped

1 large stalk celery, chopped

1/2 tbsp butter or margarine

3  tbsp crumbly feta cheese

3-4 tbsp. Kraft classic herb salad dressing

dash of garlic salt

dash of pepper

Cook pasta until al dente.

Meanwhile, saute mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and bacon bits, garlic salt, & pepper in butter or margarine, until mushrooms are cooked.

Add mushroom mix to large bowl with rest of veggies.

Drain pasta and rinse with cool water. Add to veggie mix. Stir in salad dressing and feta cheese. Enjoy. 🙂

Easy Peasy. 😀 Would be good warm, too, methinks…

Pasta Salad with Feta

Sapphyreskye’s Pasta Salad with Feta

Welcome To The Sugar Shack

Welcome to Skye’s Sugar Shack. 😛

I had to make something for the school bake sale on Thursday. I always make my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They are easy, and delish, but this year I felt like making something completely different. So, the search commenced at my dessert board at Pinterest…oh. my. goodness. It is a REALLY good thing one cannot get fat from LOOKING at yummies!!!

*digressing now* I just HAVE to make Chocolate Italian Love Cake. hmmmm…Oh. my. heh

Chocolate Italian Love Cake….click pic for recipe link

But anyhow… I chose Cake Batter Sprinkle Fudge. I have made Cake Batter Cookies before, and have this inexplicable craving all the time for Cake Batter anything. mmmm…thinking right now of this wonderful cake batter salt water taffy I bought last summer….*snaps out of it to finish post* 😛

So, fudge. Oh yes. Super easy. No bake. Very few ingredients. Contains white chocolate!! Cuts neatly into sellable squares of loveliness. Perfect choice.

I made a double batch. You know….can’t give it ALL away to the school! 😉

It turned out so yummalicious!! Little squares of colorful, sugary decadence!

I have GOT to control myself! hahaha

Cake Batter & Sprinkles Fudge…click pic for recipe link

Where Did My Wrinkles Go?

I have this gardenia body spray. Whenever I put it on, and get a whiff, I am struck by how powerfully I am instantly transported to being about 17 again. I wore a gardenia scented perfume everyday back then, and this stuff smells EXACTLY like it. It is like… WHOOOSH…. I flew through the wormhole again! 😀

Same with music. I was sitting with my sketchbook tonight, plugged into my groovalicious “pod”, and had it set to shuffle through my entire, massive catalogue of songs. In true spooky fashion, as it often seems to do, it read my mind, sensed my mood, and kept choosing songs from my teens/young adulthood. And I was again transported….

It is the summer of 1986. I am driving on a highway through the mountains in Montana, in my little blue Nissan Pulsar. The sunroof is out. The warm, soft, pine-scented breeze is ruffling my very layered hair. The stereo is blasting one of my many mixed cassette tapes(one of my favourite things to make, and I still do it, only now they are playlists or CDs of course 😛 ). I am 20. I feel good. Life is good….carefree….

And I danced….

And I sang away….

The Mountains Are Calling

Off in two days. I need it so much after the year I have had!! There is a certain special peace standing on top of a ski hill, with the beautiful vistas spanning out in all directions, or following a quiet trail, surrounded by the beauty of snow laden trees glittering in the sunshine. There is also a certain special kind of exhilaration when you are in the zone, and are gliding rapidly, and effortlessly down the mountain….

Singing of Ice & Fire

Finished Game of Thrones (#1) this morning. Only because it was after midnight last night, with still 50 pages to go. One of many late, late nights I have had lately because I. could. not. put. the. thing. down! Until I really just had to go to sleep, that is. ha.

I speculated in an earlier post, on if this series would hook me. Oh boy. Did it ever! I haven’t read any of the other books I have on the go, for weeks now. Not even the newest Stephen King, and that is weird for me!

I thought about it when I didn’t have time to read, I read it in the bathtub, I read it waiting in line at Wallymart, and waiting rooms, and anytime I had to wait. I read it on long car trips, and short car trips, I read it with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I read it in the evening after supper, until extremely late.  I even read it instead of painting, sometimes, which was, if I needed no other, a clear indication that I was lost in the vortex of that book, and would be until I read the very last one! And reading the thing before going to sleep…..well….interesting dreams to be had there. Bizarro ones with dragons, sometimes, even though….well, I won’t spoil it for those who have been in the same cave I was in, and haven’t read/seen it. 😛

Shocking at times. Riveting always. Full of vivid imagery, some not that pleasant, but no worse than reading Stephen King, really. 😛 I love using my imagination, and this book exercised it vigorously! Best book I have read since the Outlander series, and reminiscent of it, in certain ways, like the rich detail, the characterization, and the bazillion pages long sweeping saga, epic tomes. A monster read that never got boring. And I am sure the next ones will deliver more of the same…yay! I love a good long book. Especially one that has a follow up, and another follow up, and another……    One that can draw you in on page one, and not let go until the very end, and then, only long enough for you to pick up the next monumental read in the series, because you just. can’t. stop! One that can make you feel like you are there, and watching everything unfold, instead of just reading it. Although mostly, it is good to be invisible in that world! ack! One that is so compelling, that you find yourself talking to the characters out loud, and speculating on their decisions and fates out loud, also, drawing looks from your family like you are going nutty. lol

Anyway, yeah….I kind of loved it, a wee bit, :P, and dove into “A Clash of Kings” immediately after finishing it, because I just happened to have it lying around waiting for me, after picking it up for a QUARTER at the library sale table! woot! And there will be dragons! Maybe, that is. *whistles and looks skyward* Did I write that out loud? heh. I better stop now, before I go into nerdy girl spasms of excitement. bahahaha!