Would make a good song, methinks. I should write it.


Reminds me of one….hmm….I know…

dang Carly Simon! “You’re So Vain” was in my head yesterday. I hate that song, btw. What is the deal?

Oh well. Goin’ with it, anyway. I do like her voice, and the song I am posting is ok. Now, also stuck in my head, though. argh! Need a Zeppelin fix, maybe. No, I do. No maybees about it!

There. How about 20?! Hopefully that helps!! lol Damn, but Robert Plant was/is so sexay! mmmm…. oh, did I write that out loud? heh.

One thing it did do was  totally provide me with a procrastination tool, in which to avoid doing my laundry this morning, at least for as long as it takes me to write this completely pointless post.

Pro…cras…tin…ayyyy…shun. It’s making me wait….

haha. In a weird mood this morning. yeah. 😛


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