Winter Fell

I just started reading Game of Thrones over this past weekend. I know, have I been living in a cave?! haha. I have been resisting watching the TV series, because I wanted to read it first. I don’t even look at the characters from the show, because I want to form them in my own mind first. It is too soon to know whether I will love it, and thusly become obsessed over it, like I did with Outlander, but I do like it so far. I love the LOTR-ish atmosphere with the fantasy names of people and places, and the medieval-ish settings/ imagery. I think I can fall into these books, and get lost for a while. When I finish ALL of them, then I will watch the series on DVD or Netflix, if they ever get around to getting it, that is. I kind of hope not soon, actually, since I am not sure I could resist it, if it was right there.

All last week we have been having very mild weather. Warm for October here, actually. Halloween night(Friday) was nearly balmy with a temp around 12C. Compared to last year, that is, when walking around taking the boys trick or treating, I nearly froze my ears off.

I was at the library on Saturday, like every Saturday, since my son’s tutor is based there, and instead of sitting down to read what I already had on the go, I felt like wandering around the sci-fi/fantasy paperback section. Often, over the last year, I have done that looking for Game of Thrones #1 to finally pick up. It is NEVER in. I could have put in a request for a copy, since my library is connected to many others, and they do inter-library transfers of books, but I just never did it. I have ordered other books, but never thought to order that one. It meant jumping into a long series, plus I needed to have the headspace to delve into an elaborate fantasy novel….one needs loads of concentration for those, I have found. And since I have been having trouble, since my Mom passed away, concentrating on my books(it is getting a bit better now, thank goodness!) I wasn’t considering even going near that series. Then last Saturday happened. Drawn to that section, was I. And lo and behold….there it was! With no hesitation, I checked it out. Then, as I often do, I perused the used paperbacks-for-sale racks, and found….Book number two, “Clash of Kings”, for a quarter! Meant to be read right now, this series is, methinks.

That same day, I started it. It also snowed that day, temps dropped, and we got our first good snow of the new winter. Winter Fell, I thought….how appropriate…. 🙂


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