Would make a good song, methinks. I should write it.


Reminds me of one….hmm….I know…

dang Carly Simon! “You’re So Vain” was in my head yesterday. I hate that song, btw. What is the deal?

Oh well. Goin’ with it, anyway. I do like her voice, and the song I am posting is ok. Now, also stuck in my head, though. argh! Need a Zeppelin fix, maybe. No, I do. No maybees about it!

There. How about 20?! Hopefully that helps!! lol Damn, but Robert Plant was/is so sexay! mmmm…. oh, did I write that out loud? heh.

One thing it did do was  totally provide me with a procrastination tool, in which to avoid doing my laundry this morning, at least for as long as it takes me to write this completely pointless post.

Pro…cras…tin…ayyyy…shun. It’s making me wait….

haha. In a weird mood this morning. yeah. 😛



I just discovered this band while cruising new tunes on UToobe…loving the suggestion panel yet again. I then heard the song the very next day in a movie I watched, which is just a happy coincidence I thought I would mention for no reason other than sometimes the Universe smiles upon me, methinks. The song is already a few years old. I need to cruise music more often.

Love the 60s vibe to this song. I am drawn to newer bands who have retro stylings, and singers with great voices, who can pull off live performances wonderfully.

Winter Fell

I just started reading Game of Thrones over this past weekend. I know, have I been living in a cave?! haha. I have been resisting watching the TV series, because I wanted to read it first. I don’t even look at the characters from the show, because I want to form them in my own mind first. It is too soon to know whether I will love it, and thusly become obsessed over it, like I did with Outlander, but I do like it so far. I love the LOTR-ish atmosphere with the fantasy names of people and places, and the medieval-ish settings/ imagery. I think I can fall into these books, and get lost for a while. When I finish ALL of them, then I will watch the series on DVD or Netflix, if they ever get around to getting it, that is. I kind of hope not soon, actually, since I am not sure I could resist it, if it was right there.

All last week we have been having very mild weather. Warm for October here, actually. Halloween night(Friday) was nearly balmy with a temp around 12C. Compared to last year, that is, when walking around taking the boys trick or treating, I nearly froze my ears off.

I was at the library on Saturday, like every Saturday, since my son’s tutor is based there, and instead of sitting down to read what I already had on the go, I felt like wandering around the sci-fi/fantasy paperback section. Often, over the last year, I have done that looking for Game of Thrones #1 to finally pick up. It is NEVER in. I could have put in a request for a copy, since my library is connected to many others, and they do inter-library transfers of books, but I just never did it. I have ordered other books, but never thought to order that one. It meant jumping into a long series, plus I needed to have the headspace to delve into an elaborate fantasy novel….one needs loads of concentration for those, I have found. And since I have been having trouble, since my Mom passed away, concentrating on my books(it is getting a bit better now, thank goodness!) I wasn’t considering even going near that series. Then last Saturday happened. Drawn to that section, was I. And lo and behold….there it was! With no hesitation, I checked it out. Then, as I often do, I perused the used paperbacks-for-sale racks, and found….Book number two, “Clash of Kings”, for a quarter! Meant to be read right now, this series is, methinks.

That same day, I started it. It also snowed that day, temps dropped, and we got our first good snow of the new winter. Winter Fell, I thought….how appropriate…. 🙂