Book Junk Food

A series of books about giant sharks. Very entertaining to me, and hard to put down! Who knew? Certainly not me. I read the first one, “Meg”, after reading his weirdy sci-fi novel, “The Omega Project”. Then, of course, I had to read the second, “The Trench”, of which I am currently devouring(heh) lately at a brisk pace. Nearly every spare minute with it in my hands over the last couple of days. Stayed up WAY too late last night with it. Finished nearly half of it in half a day. Wondering why I am on the computer instead of reading it right this minute. It speeds along, as fast as Angel(the giant shark), to conclusion.

It is complete book junk food. Like eating chips. Hard to eat just one! Or chocolate…more please! I love books like that! Far-fetched, I suppose they are. So what. Sometimes far-fetched makes for the BEST kind of reading. Because imagination is required in large doses. That is one of the reasons I also love reading sci-fi these days. I don’t care how weirdly mind-bendy and wild they get. I savour those qualities! Reviews about the Meg series that say it is “too far fetched” and “that could never happen” annoy me a bit. If you read the summary, you know what you are in for. If you want true-to-life, super reality stories, read them. *yawn* For me, personally, there is no escape in reading fiction books that are too set in reality. I like ESCAPE, and INVENTIVENESS in the stories I look to get lost in. If you want a fast, fun, white-knuckle, nail-bitingingly thrilling, page-turner, read the Meg series by Steve Alten. Turn away if you’re any kind of squeamish though. ;P

Giant sharks. Scary, scary, scary! But I’m safe. It’s only a book. *shudder* lol


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