Mind Distractions

So, here I am again. Posting something. Anything. It always helped to write in the past, and I finally have a few minutes of breathing room to do so. Even though I should be cleaning my house which has been horribly neglected over the last little while, either because of the busyness, or the vortex of crappiness that has turned me into a spaced out zombie most of the time.

I am making a birthday cake, today, however. My oldest turns 13 tomorrow! A milestone b-day. I want it to be nice. He also shares his birthday with Mr. Robert Plant, who turns 66. Being a huge Led Zeppelin fan, I was thrilled(and still am) with this little factoid. I share mine with Harrison Ford and Patrick Stewart. Zeppelin and sci-fi…two of my most favourite things(are they “things”? pastimes? obsessions? Yeah….obsessions would be the word). The Universe sometimes smiles at me.

So, Happy Birthday to my big sweetie, and to Robert, tomorrow. Two of my favourite men. 🙂 Here is a song for the occasion, courtesy of one of them….

So…mind distractions.  I was thinking about this after my post yesterday. Things that help me cope. Things that distract my mind when it gets overwhelmed. Music helps, of course, but even it can conjure too many emotions. What has been working for me, lately, is computer games that require using my brain. Word games, and games like Bejeweled, where I have to concentrate, and use my mind for moving this to there, etc. There is no room for other thoughts, when I do that. History and science documentaries also completely absorb me. Movies help too. Especially sci-fi/superhero movies. I recently took the boys to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Which we LOVED! Excellent tuneage in it too, just to add to it’s awesomeness! With the exception of a couple songs, it was like Starlord had my iPod! The boys rolled their eyes at me. haha. I didn’t think about my problems for two entire hours. Because those kinds of movies are so visually rich, my mind is too busy taking it all in, while following the plot, to think of anything else. I GO to that other world, and I live there, and it is good.

My little dog reminds me of Rocket when she gets bushy-haired….too funny. I love that.

Especially sci-fi with reading too. I read A LOT when I get sad, or tense. Ok, I read A LOT all the time. Most of my free time, actually. Books are my portable escape pod from reality. I love science fiction for this, particularly. Far out, fantastical, surreal, and full of hard science and physics. Things I have to read with ALL of my mind just to grasp understanding of the scenes unfolding, and the plot. There is no room for other thoughts to creep in when I am able to get in the zone of a good sci-fi novel.

I have two on the go right now, and even as I sit here typing this, I am wanting back into them. Especially this one….

Can hardly put it down.


Insert Nervous Breakdown Here

My life, over the last couple of months, has become an insane mess of: endless intense anxiety, stress, sadness, sleeplessness, non-existent appetite, indigestion, and extreme all-the-time exhaustion. A nightmare I was thrown into, and can’t escape from, and one that will continue for the foreseeable future.

I have nothing fun or happy to write about. I may never have again. Or so it feels like at this point. 😦

Such is life. I can accept that part. I can’t accept the wild, very painful, and nauseating pitch thrown at me, though. It was tough enough, as it is….


I loved Archie comics when I was a kid. I remember spending my allowance partly on 45s(little records), and partly on the latest Archie Comics Digest. I still have a huge box filled with them, being that, even then, I compulsively hoarded books! 😛

What I did not know then, was that Archie began in the 40s! And how I know that now, is from reading the 1000 pager digests I bought for my sons. There are whole sections of the classic comics in them. VERY cool!

Amazingly, and I wish I had known this a few years ago, is that my boys love Archie comics as much as I ever did! I truly thought that they might be a “girl thing”. But no, and apparently mine are not alone, either. The series continues to evolve to keep up with the times, and appeals to both boys and girls. Talk about something that can quiet down the rowdiness fast! I bought the first one, after noticing that my oldest had picked it up in Wallymart and couldn’t seem to put it down. I decided to buy it for all three to share, and he carried it around the store the whole time reading it. Gone was the usual “out shopping with Mom, and we’re bored, so lets chase each other around” thing, of which he is the usual instigator. lol He continued to read it in the van the whole way home, and at home for another hour or so. WOW! That thing engrosses him, and my other two, like nothing ever has. So the quiet continues on long car trips, when they have to wait around anywhere we go, and when it is “time to settle down now” in the house after running around all day whooping it up. Like a “mute button” for children! Woo Hoo! hahaha!

Some people think comics are a waste of time, and that kids should mostly be reading chapter books when they read. All well and good for opinions. My oldest is the only one, so far, that can get engrossed in a chapter book. I bought him a Kindle for that reason. MY opinion is, however, that I am happy they are reading ANYTHING in this world of techy distractions. And Archie is clean. In a world full of continuous and constant smut and violence in nearly every form of entertainment. In a world that makes PG movies with the f-word in them. :-\

I ended up buying three 1000 pagers. To swap between each other. And I will buy more as easy birthday gifts. Plus, I actually like to read them too. And I can join in the chatter about the characters and stories, in yet more geekery bonding moments with my sons! lol

They bring back such good memories, and apparently, continue to make more…. 🙂