Great Song, Great Band, Great Video

Just felt like sharing a song this morning….

Icelandic band, Of Monsters and Men



Went to see X-Men, and then….

Firstly….I LOVE the X-Men movies! My kids love the X-Men too, but have mostly seen the animated shows, plus one of the movies. Anyway…Days of Future Past was awesome! I loved it! Best X-Men movie yet. Time travel and everything in between! woo hoo! Perfect movie for me. 😀


I needed an escape movie last week, very badly, as I was visiting my elderly parents all week…one is in a nursing home, the other is weak and frail, and in hospital, where she has been for the last month. 😦 When I get in “emotional wreck state”, a good movie often helps, and this one definitely did.

So, anyway, we went to the second run theatre in town, and basically our two choices came down to X-Men or Spiderman. The boys love superhero movies as much as me, so either would have worked. But…X-Men won out. Both were rated PG. Not PG-13 on the description at the theatre…just PG. Ok. I knew there would be some of the usual superhero violence, but the Marvel movies usually keep the gore factor at a bare minimum, if any. So, good to go, with my 13, 11, and nearly 8 year old.

Rated PG. Parental Guidance. Since when, please tell me, does a movie which drops the f-bomb, and “a$$hole” at least twice, get a PG rating?! It was only once for the f-bomb, but… ACK! Cringe!!! It really felt like a bomb dropped. People literally gasped in the theatre. Really…what do you do then? Can’t cover their ears after the fact. My 13 year old already hears it plenty at the blended jr. high/high school he goes to, and I can’t do much about that….but the other two just don’t hear it in their little world. We don’t say it around them, and aren’t around anyone who does.

So after the movie, my oldest starts lecturing us… “how could you knowingly taking your kids to see a movie that dropped the f-bomb and other “swears”?!”. lol That just made it almost comical, in a way. I guess if I had researched it better, I might have known about it. Would I have skipped taking them? Maybe. But hindsight….and all that. It is what it is, now. I won’t be letting them watch the DVD I eventually get (I collect ALL superhero movies) until they are older though, unless there is an edited version. I have a family friendly version of ‘Avatar’, so they do such a thing sometimes. So far, the little guy hasn’t picked it up, and the other two, hopefully haven’t either. I don’t know how they talk when I’m not around, but I think if they were saying it consistently at school, or wherever, it would slip out, and it hasn’t.

Old fashioned Mom? Maybe I am. But I think that word is too casually thrown about. And it makes people sound trashy and uneducated, IMHO, when they do it as part of their everyday speech, and not just when they stub their toe, or whatever.

The movie should have a PG-13 rating, with a warning about coarse language. Mine weren’t the only kids in that theatre under 12. Rant over.

With it all said and done, we all had a good time, and the boys and I had loads to discuss afterwards, like which mutant power we would have, if we could have it, and what we would do with said powers. Driving Dad nutty with the nerdy chatter. lol Good bonding for (Geek Grrl)Mom and her wonderful boys. 🙂



Something Old Is New Again….

Obssessed with Outlander? Who me?! Maybe a wee bit, aye. ;D

Finished book 8 in what is record time for me, since I don’t have massive chunks of time to devote to reading. Every spare moment, though, and into the night, were spent wandering within it’s world. So satisfying. And the ending…. *sigh*. Perfect. The series could end right there, but there is a hunger left for a continuation, and the eager wait for book 9, likely to be released some 4 to 5 YEARS(ack!) from now! That is maddening! It is like not eating chocolate for 5 years! lol

So, after finishing the last, and having been completely absorbed in it….it being my refuge(because I can get so absolutely lost in it…like I transported) from all anxieties and stresses, and my sometimes sadness in the “real world”…. I pined for it. I picked up the new Stephen King book, Mr. Mercedes, which I had on hold. I am currently reading it now, but always with a longing for the pages of Outlander. Missing Claire, Jamie, Bree and Roger, and many others. Missing the feeling of “being there”, peeking into their lives….feeling what they feel, seeing what they see, absorbing their surroundings, tasting the hot buttered toast! 😛

So, a few days ago, I had a thought. I gazed at my other e-reader( I have the last two books in the series on my Kindle), which is home to books 1 through 7 of Outlander. The TV series premieres here in Canada on August 24…August 9 in the U.S.(LUCKY!). It is definitely something to look forward to, and more immersion….hopefully for years….into a visual world of Eighteenth Century Scotland, France, and America. More importantly tagging along after Jamie and Claire again. But I miss it NOW! And that wait is long too. Anyway…where was I….oh yeah…I drifted towards my Sony Reader. Opened Outlander Book One. Tasted a few pages. Loved it. It felt new again. Still page turner-ish. Now I am a quarter into it, alternating it with my other reads. It is like going somewhere comfortable, somewhere familiar. It is fresh again, but in a way that has a different flavour than the first time I read it. I KNOW what will happen to them….not just in 1743, but way up into the 1770s. But that knowledge doesn’t spoil it upon second read…it just makes it interesting in a whole new way….