Musical Sidebar Adventures

It starts like this….

Hear a song somewhere, like in a movie, or on the radio, on a new music board at Pinterest, or the home page at Grooveshark or last .fm….


Go listen to it at YouTube, and as you are enjoying it, you notice all the other songs you haven’t heard, from the same artist, PLUS a whole bunch of other new artists suggested that play similar type tuneage. So you click on one, and then a whole new suggestion list pops up in the sidebar, but you still have 5 others from the one before to listen to, so now you need to go get a pen and piece of paper to keep track of what you wanted to give a listen to, and it carries on from there….

6 hours later…. 

Geez, maybe I should go eat something. Or pee. I have numb bum from sitting here so long! lol

But…Woo Hoo! I have now listened to (and if you are like me, Pinned to a music board for further enjoyment and possible iTunes purchase) a hundred new songs that I didn’t know about yesterday, and discovered a plethora(yay, got to finally use that word in a sentence! 😛 ) of fabulous (non-mainstream), up-and-coming bands and artists, and satisfied my intense, unending addiction to finding new tuneage! Always a good time, and a great musical adventure!


Newly discovered faves on my YouTube musical portal travels today, after listening to a wonderful song by Passenger with Ed Sheeran, which I am also sharing…. 🙂


P.S. At the end of the vids, there are suggestions for others. INFINITE MUSICAL ROADS! YAY!









My favourite artist lately. He has such a unique voice, and I love folk rock….

So I’m sharin’ his best song(IMO), just because.