Every Season Has An End

Here approaches the first Sunday…

The first Sunday out of many, many, many, many, many….*oh woe*….until the second half of the split season of the LAST(waaaahhhhh), that is, FINAL(*anguishes*) season of Mad Men, which begins in April of 2015.

Almost a whole year! It is torturous. 😛

I kind of love that show. Could you tell? lol

Every Sunday, I would PVR it at 8, then watch it later after the kids went to bed. Sit in the dark in my big recliner, with a nice cuppa, and time travel for an hour. Just immerse in its retro splendor. It’s subtlety….

I don’t watch TV much, but I do watch a lot of Netflix, so, consequently and ironically, end up watching a LOT of TV. Ha.

I discovered Mad Men while looking for something interesting that was set in the past. Because I adore to time travel! 😉 So, as it goes often with Netflix, as there were 5 seasons on it at the time I started, and I binged on it. Couldn’t stop watching it back to back. (This happened with Lost too, and Fringe, and a few others…but, anyway….). Then season 5 ended and it was only November, or something, and I had to wait like everyone else for Season 6, and Season 7. And now…they taunt us with this split season thing. Only having 7 episodes per. A taste. Enough to get us all hooked again, settled into a nice Sunday night routine with an old friend, and now….we have to wait, having MM withdrawals every Sunday, because Pawn Stars is just not working for us as a replacement. 😛

I love that it isn’t an in-your-face kind of show. I can’t even really explain completely why it draws me in….but it does. Enough that I think I need to own it on DVD when the box set comes out, probably sometime in 2016. I think one of it’s draws is that the characterization is phenomenal, as are the sets/costumes, and tone of it. It captures the 60s so well…it is exactly like stepping into a portal back to them. Ok…I, technically was only 3 when they ended, but nevertheless. I remember perfectly(in one of my very first ever, and oldest memories…one of which I am convinced launched my obsession with sci fi and all things space related…) of watching the Apollo Moon landing with MY parents too….


So now…a year long wait, then 7 more, then done….FOREVER! *wails in more anguish* ;P

Every Season Has An End….



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