Sweet Kale and Apple Yumminess

Eat Smart Apple & Kale Salad Mix…. very good. 🙂 So new, apparently, I can’t even find a pic to go with my story. Dang. It kind of looks like this salad, only with walnuts instead of pecans and dried apples instead of fresh ones(for the obvious reason that it is a pre-bagged salad mix)….

Anyway…had to share that. I am eating it right now. Yes, this is a shameless plug for something yummy that I did not invent or put much work into, unless opening a bag or two and tossing contents around counts as cooking. 😛

It looks and tastes like a salad you would get at a fancy shmancy restaurant. Dried apples, multicolored and green kale, broccoli, and other good-for-you stuff, candied walnuts, apple vinaigrette,….it also comes with bleu cheese crumbles, but I hate bleu cheese, so I put feta on it instead…so good. I could eat the whole bag myself, but, alas….I should not be piggy about it. My kids already like it, as they tried the tester out at Costco. I need to buy this every week, methinks. I am really liking kale lately….


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