Guardian Gnome, Eric the Groovy

I have a little gnome. He follows me around the house….”mysteriously”. His name is Eric. I don’t know why. My youngest named him. It suits him, though…still, why, I don’t know.

Say hi, Eric.



Ok…he can’t talk, and, no…really….I am not losing it. Well, maybe. Eek. 😛  I do spend an awful lot of time by myself. If the thing really does talk back to me, I might admit to the losing my mind thing. Right now, I am just admitting to being “slightly” weird. lol

I bought the little guy after being inspired by the little gnome that follows my middle son’s Sims around when he plays Sims 3. His people will be doing whatever, and this gnome will  once and a while just show up in the room . Sitting there. On the floor. On the table… Staring at everyone. It is weird and spooky, and my son says he doesn’t know where it came from…probably some game option he clicked on sometime. Anyway….he is always remarking on it showing up, and having to show me. So I decided it would be fun to find a little gnome to have around in real life. I found the perfect one(Eric). Perfect because he looks so laid back, and groovy… with his headphones, necklace, and slouchy green T-shirt (green also being my son’s fave color, so bonus!). He doesn’t look sinister….well, maybe a little….hmmm….The boys love him, and are always placing him around the house in places intended to startle me! bahahaha. I like doing that too, I must confess. I know….I maybe should get a life. 😛

Anyway….today….looking at him got me thinking about creepy dolls for some reason. He is not creepy(not yet, anyway…*looks at Eric nervously* lol ), so I don’t know why that would be, but nevertheless….

I don’t like baby dolls, or “life-like” dolls with the moveable eyelids and such.*shudder*. Too much Twilight Zone and the like, maybe. Wait…can’t have too much of that! ‘Tis my fave! 


*looks at Eric nervously again* 

Consequently, one day in 2009, I wrote a poem about the subject…..


The doll sat staring.

Blank, blue eyes,

Painted, plastic mouth.


Motionless in the darkness,

It watched,

It waited…


A soft sound escaped…

A barely audible whisper,

“Mama”, it said.


Eyes fixed upon her.

The gaze haunting and real.

She screamed, as she fainted.


An illusion of sanity,

Was all that was left,

As the doll moved forward….

©WD(sapphyreskye) October 2009
Have a great non-spooky doll day! Mwahaha! 

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