Rediscovering the Real World.

I don’t come here much anymore(not that it matters since….well, anyway….whatever :-/). I don’t go ONLINE much anymore, at all, for that matter. I had to close my online jewelry shop in order to renew my house insurance. Nice. >:-| Grrr. Broke my heart. And buying extra business insurance for it, is just not affordable right now. So it is what it is. Crappy, is what it is. 😦

Anyway…. what closing it did do, is remove that last thing tethering me to the Internet. I still Pin here and there, but for a few minutes a day, not like before when it could suck me in for an hour while I took a break from doing business stuff online.  My personal email inbox has cobwebs so thick that I need a special extra heavy-duty Elvish-forged sword to cut through them all, to find….nothing. Oh well. That also… is what it is. 😐

Now that I am offline more…. I started walking in the mornings again… 5 miles a day. With my little dog. She loves it! And the country road we walk upon is quiet(unless you count the frogs and birds) and peaceful, and most extraordinarily beautiful, especially in the early morning. I feel free out there. From all worry. From anything in reality that brings me down. It is refreshing.

I started to paint again. Near daily now. Not for selling. Just for ME. Finding my groove. My artist’s voice again. It is also a settling thing to do. I get lost in my world, in the colors…. while watching Twilight Zone or movies on Netflix. It is me. It is something I have put aside too long, because I was stuck on the Internet wasting precious moments…thinking I was expressing myself. Hah.

I read books. A lot now.

As a family, we have, as of last weekend, discovered geocaching. Oh. My. Goodness! Is it ever addictive! Just one more. Just one more! hahahaha! Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt, after all? It is so fun. I wish we would have started years ago. I knew about it, even, but always seemed to forget to try it. Bought hubby a portable GPS for Xmas last year, though, for taking out into the wilderness when he goes fly fishing. He got it out the other day, to see how it works, and stumbled across the geocache function it has. So we spent all of Mother’s Day hunting for hidden treasure! Best activity ever! The bigger ones are really fun, because they are filled with little trinkets, and the boys will take one, and exchange it with one that they brought. Even the microcaches are fun, because they are way harder to find, and there is an excellent challenge in it. We want to hide our own caches next. It is awesome in so many ways….it gets everyone outside, we go on little hikes, get to see new places, get to enjoy scenery and sometimes historic sites. And it is something we can do with the kids into their adulthood. I don’t see a reason to stop just because they get all grown up. Away from the TV. Away from the time-wasting, life-sucking computer. All good….

I made cookies today for my oldest son’s upcoming bake sale. After my 5 mile walk. This is the first time I have sat down since I got up at 7am. Need to go shower now, and then off to a presentation at the school, then making dinner, and finally driving to soccer. When I finally finish my running around, it will be bedtime. Tomorrow a field trip most of the day with my youngest two’s school. I like full days, though. I like full days not wasted caught in the Web. I feel like I escaped in a way….



6 thoughts on “Rediscovering the Real World.

  1. Good for you. It’s all about finding the right balance… and i always feel better when i do enough “real life” things.

  2. Me too , now its spring and the sun is shinning it seems a billion times better to be out then indoors sat hunched over a lap top.

    Shame about the Insurance but so many of us are in the same way. I’m sure you will find a way to still sell your lovely jewellery.

    • It is raining today, and I would still rather paint than be online. Once my addiction to it was conquered, I discovered a whole different perspective on how to spend my time. Thanks…:) I know someone in my town, actually, that is going to help me try to sell wholesale to local shops. She sells her handmade handbags that way sometimes. So hopefully….

  3. Sorry about your store 😦 Where am I going to do my Christmas shopping now? Other than that, this is about the best blog ever. Its exactly what I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able yet… Turn off this d@mn computer. You rock. Always have.

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