Every Season Has An End

Here approaches the first Sunday…

The first Sunday out of many, many, many, many, many….*oh woe*….until the second half of the split season of the LAST(waaaahhhhh), that is, FINAL(*anguishes*) season of Mad Men, which begins in April of 2015.

Almost a whole year! It is torturous. 😛

I kind of love that show. Could you tell? lol

Every Sunday, I would PVR it at 8, then watch it later after the kids went to bed. Sit in the dark in my big recliner, with a nice cuppa, and time travel for an hour. Just immerse in its retro splendor. It’s subtlety….

I don’t watch TV much, but I do watch a lot of Netflix, so, consequently and ironically, end up watching a LOT of TV. Ha.

I discovered Mad Men while looking for something interesting that was set in the past. Because I adore to time travel! 😉 So, as it goes often with Netflix, as there were 5 seasons on it at the time I started, and I binged on it. Couldn’t stop watching it back to back. (This happened with Lost too, and Fringe, and a few others…but, anyway….). Then season 5 ended and it was only November, or something, and I had to wait like everyone else for Season 6, and Season 7. And now…they taunt us with this split season thing. Only having 7 episodes per. A taste. Enough to get us all hooked again, settled into a nice Sunday night routine with an old friend, and now….we have to wait, having MM withdrawals every Sunday, because Pawn Stars is just not working for us as a replacement. 😛

I love that it isn’t an in-your-face kind of show. I can’t even really explain completely why it draws me in….but it does. Enough that I think I need to own it on DVD when the box set comes out, probably sometime in 2016. I think one of it’s draws is that the characterization is phenomenal, as are the sets/costumes, and tone of it. It captures the 60s so well…it is exactly like stepping into a portal back to them. Ok…I, technically was only 3 when they ended, but nevertheless. I remember perfectly(in one of my very first ever, and oldest memories…one of which I am convinced launched my obsession with sci fi and all things space related…) of watching the Apollo Moon landing with MY parents too….


So now…a year long wait, then 7 more, then done….FOREVER! *wails in more anguish* ;P

Every Season Has An End….



Sweet Kale and Apple Yumminess

Eat Smart Apple & Kale Salad Mix…. very good. 🙂 So new, apparently, I can’t even find a pic to go with my story. Dang. It kind of looks like this salad, only with walnuts instead of pecans and dried apples instead of fresh ones(for the obvious reason that it is a pre-bagged salad mix)….

Anyway…had to share that. I am eating it right now. Yes, this is a shameless plug for something yummy that I did not invent or put much work into, unless opening a bag or two and tossing contents around counts as cooking. 😛

It looks and tastes like a salad you would get at a fancy shmancy restaurant. Dried apples, multicolored and green kale, broccoli, and other good-for-you stuff, candied walnuts, apple vinaigrette,….it also comes with bleu cheese crumbles, but I hate bleu cheese, so I put feta on it instead…so good. I could eat the whole bag myself, but, alas….I should not be piggy about it. My kids already like it, as they tried the tester out at Costco. I need to buy this every week, methinks. I am really liking kale lately….

Guardian Gnome, Eric the Groovy

I have a little gnome. He follows me around the house….”mysteriously”. His name is Eric. I don’t know why. My youngest named him. It suits him, though…still, why, I don’t know.

Say hi, Eric.



Ok…he can’t talk, and, no…really….I am not losing it. Well, maybe. Eek. 😛  I do spend an awful lot of time by myself. If the thing really does talk back to me, I might admit to the losing my mind thing. Right now, I am just admitting to being “slightly” weird. lol

I bought the little guy after being inspired by the little gnome that follows my middle son’s Sims around when he plays Sims 3. His people will be doing whatever, and this gnome will  once and a while just show up in the room . Sitting there. On the floor. On the table… Staring at everyone. It is weird and spooky, and my son says he doesn’t know where it came from…probably some game option he clicked on sometime. Anyway….he is always remarking on it showing up, and having to show me. So I decided it would be fun to find a little gnome to have around in real life. I found the perfect one(Eric). Perfect because he looks so laid back, and groovy… with his headphones, necklace, and slouchy green T-shirt (green also being my son’s fave color, so bonus!). He doesn’t look sinister….well, maybe a little….hmmm….The boys love him, and are always placing him around the house in places intended to startle me! bahahaha. I like doing that too, I must confess. I know….I maybe should get a life. 😛

Anyway….today….looking at him got me thinking about creepy dolls for some reason. He is not creepy(not yet, anyway…*looks at Eric nervously* lol ), so I don’t know why that would be, but nevertheless….

I don’t like baby dolls, or “life-like” dolls with the moveable eyelids and such.*shudder*. Too much Twilight Zone and the like, maybe. Wait…can’t have too much of that! ‘Tis my fave! 


*looks at Eric nervously again* 

Consequently, one day in 2009, I wrote a poem about the subject…..


The doll sat staring.

Blank, blue eyes,

Painted, plastic mouth.


Motionless in the darkness,

It watched,

It waited…


A soft sound escaped…

A barely audible whisper,

“Mama”, it said.


Eyes fixed upon her.

The gaze haunting and real.

She screamed, as she fainted.


An illusion of sanity,

Was all that was left,

As the doll moved forward….

©WD(sapphyreskye) October 2009
Have a great non-spooky doll day! Mwahaha! 

Big History

I discovered Big History on the H2 channel last night(my fave channel, btw!), and having started watching it late, and not being able to watch long, I decided to look at YouTube to see if I could continue it as I went about my daily stuff….because even just listening to it, is interesting….

Anyway…I did find a LOT of vids for it because Big History Project has a channel there. It is also a free course…


I am thinking of doing it, and possibly my history obsessed sons may be interested, as well.  It could be another interesting thing we can do together….. 🙂


Rediscovering the Real World.

I don’t come here much anymore(not that it matters since….well, anyway….whatever :-/). I don’t go ONLINE much anymore, at all, for that matter. I had to close my online jewelry shop in order to renew my house insurance. Nice. >:-| Grrr. Broke my heart. And buying extra business insurance for it, is just not affordable right now. So it is what it is. Crappy, is what it is. 😦

Anyway…. what closing it did do, is remove that last thing tethering me to the Internet. I still Pin here and there, but for a few minutes a day, not like before when it could suck me in for an hour while I took a break from doing business stuff online.  My personal email inbox has cobwebs so thick that I need a special extra heavy-duty Elvish-forged sword to cut through them all, to find….nothing. Oh well. That also… is what it is. 😐

Now that I am offline more…. I started walking in the mornings again… 5 miles a day. With my little dog. She loves it! And the country road we walk upon is quiet(unless you count the frogs and birds) and peaceful, and most extraordinarily beautiful, especially in the early morning. I feel free out there. From all worry. From anything in reality that brings me down. It is refreshing.

I started to paint again. Near daily now. Not for selling. Just for ME. Finding my groove. My artist’s voice again. It is also a settling thing to do. I get lost in my world, in the colors…. while watching Twilight Zone or movies on Netflix. It is me. It is something I have put aside too long, because I was stuck on the Internet wasting precious moments…thinking I was expressing myself. Hah.

I read books. A lot now.

As a family, we have, as of last weekend, discovered geocaching. Oh. My. Goodness! Is it ever addictive! Just one more. Just one more! hahahaha! Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt, after all? It is so fun. I wish we would have started years ago. I knew about it, even, but always seemed to forget to try it. Bought hubby a portable GPS for Xmas last year, though, for taking out into the wilderness when he goes fly fishing. He got it out the other day, to see how it works, and stumbled across the geocache function it has. So we spent all of Mother’s Day hunting for hidden treasure! Best activity ever! The bigger ones are really fun, because they are filled with little trinkets, and the boys will take one, and exchange it with one that they brought. Even the microcaches are fun, because they are way harder to find, and there is an excellent challenge in it. We want to hide our own caches next. It is awesome in so many ways….it gets everyone outside, we go on little hikes, get to see new places, get to enjoy scenery and sometimes historic sites. And it is something we can do with the kids into their adulthood. I don’t see a reason to stop just because they get all grown up. Away from the TV. Away from the time-wasting, life-sucking computer. All good….

I made cookies today for my oldest son’s upcoming bake sale. After my 5 mile walk. This is the first time I have sat down since I got up at 7am. Need to go shower now, and then off to a presentation at the school, then making dinner, and finally driving to soccer. When I finally finish my running around, it will be bedtime. Tomorrow a field trip most of the day with my youngest two’s school. I like full days, though. I like full days not wasted caught in the Web. I feel like I escaped in a way….