Trying For Interesting on a Particularly Spaced Out Day

I am soooo lethargic and sleepy today! I hate that! I had a nap today, and I rarely do that. Frigging feel like an old lady when I do that! And I don’t feel a whole lot better. Still spacey. ugh. Anyway….I thought to sit and write something….anything….to try to perk my brain up. I don’t know that it is working yet. 😛 I always have this urge, everyday, to try and be interesting. I don’t feel very interesting. And I’m probably not, but I’ll try, anyway….

I went back to the stupid dentist again today to get a sharp spot fixed. It shredded my tongue all weekend! Anytime I ate, or even talked. It was torture! So, I went today, and got it ground down. I feel SO MUCH BETTER!! Although we got to talking about how the fillings 40 years ago were made of mercury(which I knew) AND LEAD!! *GASP* About how some people are more susceptible to heavy metal poisoning than others, and how those fillings may be a cause of Alzheimer’s and other nasty brain disorders in later life. oh great. :-/ My head is full of poison. Has been for 40 years now. But I already knew that…. whatever, I guess….

Looking forward to Comic Con coming up very soon! The boys and I are very psyched for it! Definitely getting my inner geek grrl on for that! They are excited to see “real” Hobbits and Dwarfs in the person of the actors who portray them. It is cute. 🙂 I think I shall either wear my Fringe T-shirt, or my Starfleet Academy one… I can’t decide. 😛



Speaking of LOTR….I am going to pick up The Hobbit and The Desolation of Smaug this week, for the Easter Bunny to give to the boys. 😉 “The Amazing Bunny” usually gives them a good movie, and a bit of chocolate, now that they are older, and don’t appreciate the stuffies much anymore! hahaha! I will still “help” organize a nice egg hunt, however. They still love that. Even my 12 year old, but he would probably deny it! lol

Archer chicks rock! ;D

Archer chicks rock! ;D

Having them get older, seemingly so fast, is making my head spin! I took them to see Rio2 yesterday, at the theatre, and only my 7 year old would sit with me. The other two wanted to sit in the row ahead of us, because, as you know….it is embarrassing to be seen with your MAWWM. WAAAAA! 😛  I still have one, at least, who likes to be by my side, and will still give me affection in public! He is 7 already, though, so that will undoubtedly change soon. The other two duck down, and I get to kiss the tops of their heads, now, instead of their cheeks as they mumble their goodbyes to me in the morning, when I drop them at school. Someone might see, after all! lol

Well, I am out of mundane babble for now. At least I managed something out of nothing! woo hoo! I am going to go make my homemade lasagna for dinner. My secret ingredient is feta in the middle instead of cottage cheese. Ok…I also have a few secrets to my sauce too, but I can’t go giving everything away! 😛  It is quite fabulous, btw! You know it is working when your kid drifts over from whatever they are doing and asks you, “What smells so good?”! 😀

iTunes Random Song Pick Of the Day….

oooo….AC/DC! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Definitely woke me up a bit!






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