A Birthday Every Day!

So, there I was, at Wallymart, buying good stuff like yogurt, and green onions, and on my way to the yogurt aisle, I have to pass the ice cream freezers. Ok, I don’t have to, technically speaking, but ya know…they are right there! hahaha!

I like to look in them. I usually talk myself out of buying any…but I look anyway…can’t gain weight by looking at it, after all! 😛

But then there was today. I was feeling weak about having a treat. I had just been to the blasted dentist yet again(so have sugar, skye, good plan! 😛 ), to get the other side of my mouth tortured, and was feeling like I deserved a treat. Still had no real solid intentions beyond maybe a small bite of chocolate, or something. Then I saw it. Lo and behold! What is this vision? Oh, it can’t be! I have been waiting FOREVER to find it in the store! I have been on a anything-that-tastes-like-cake-batter kick for a few months now. And there it was!!

I had birthday cake ice cream at an ice cream shop last summer, but couldn’t find any in the store. I think it might even be better than *gasp* *can’t believe I am saying it* chocolate….plain chocolate anyway…. 😛

So, yeah…. I broke down. I gave into the sinister dark side that is the ice cream section. “Come to the Dark Side, we have Birthday Cake Ice Cream!” OK, then. lol

I did, to my credit, only have a wee bit of it. So, I DO NOT feel any guilt! As a bonus, it delighted the heck out of the boys, too, when they found out I had it! 😀





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